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Share Is It Really A Happy Encounter At All ?
波心的鱼 2014-7-15 22:22
That was on Sept. 26th , when Itook a " lift" of the eyebrows in zheyi Hospital . A week later , I went there to get the stiches removed . I didn't met the Dr. Xu and four days later I was at Beijing for a period&nbs ...
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Share A Happy Encounter with A Beauty Doctor
波心的鱼 2014-7-15 22:05
The plastic cosmetic surgery has seemed to be a modern trend with its massive and popular adoption among the film industry circle .Being a girl with the traditional Chinese morals ,I am not a keen body-reformer at all . But unfortionately I'm now at& ...
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Share Speaking Aout the Gender Imbalance in China
波心的鱼 2014-7-14 21:18
This is a piece of early news from the China Daily : • A father tried to fool police into believing his two biological daughters were runaways he found in a doorway because he wanted a boy and could not afford to keep the girls. • The man surnamed Guo from Chongqing municipality called the police on Monday and claimed to have found the two c ...
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Share Family Reunited
波心的鱼 2014-7-8 21:58
Ilost my sister when she left for America twenty years ago . We met for 2 or 3 times all these years .As little girls , we quarrel for trivial things , like candies and clothes . Later we became goodfriends&nbs ...
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Share Loving and Hating the T-mall
波心的鱼 2014-6-15 21:33
Episode One : In a fit of rage , I came here , after I yelling at someone "fuc*" literally on the taobao net . Well, that would stir too much sensation and affect my sleep . so , just call it a day . Episode Two : A moment ...
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Share How About Julian Marshall by Now
波心的鱼 2014-6-14 15:53
Julian Marshall was an old acquaintance for nearly twenty years . He was one of the silver-voiced BBC broadcasters. About twenty years ago , I would turn on the radio every night at 21:00, there was the one-hour BBC world service news programme , and Julian Marshall or his colleagu ...
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Share Expierence vs. Innocence
波心的鱼 2014-6-13 22:11
Tender is the night . Is it another full-moon day ? I'd be sentimental on that occasion . That has been testified , twice . A strange feeling occurs ---- writing in English reminds me of Mary in Ms. Jane Austen's best-loved novel Pride and Prejudice , the&nb ...
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Share In Commemoration of the Father's Day
波心的鱼 2014-6-4 20:56
I had been on an incommunicative terms of intimacy with my father since I grew up . That started many years ago when he sent me into the university . He often wrote me letters from home . No , it was not the chicken- soup type . Father expressed himself in a reserved way , talking about the family daily ro ...
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Share Meeting Ms. J. Austenl Again
波心的鱼 2014-5-23 20:53
For a long time , I 've developed a hobby of e-video-watching , and was especially fond of the English dramas. There's a common belief which always gives me a special joy that it could fortify the language ability . I've seen all of the J. Austen movies . And classics&n ...
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Share A Tale of Two Cities
波心的鱼 2014-5-20 21:47
Last autumn , I had a chance to live in Beijing ,near the Yuanmingyuan Park, where I had a wonderful time like a fish in the sea . I visited many renouned places , such as the Badaling Range of the Great Wall, Xianshan , the Ming Dinaty's Tomb Palace , the Palace Museum ...
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