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2014-5-3 07:51
Do you use the excuse that your shy so you don't meet people? Well I am here to tell you shy hurts and you miss out on people to meet and going places and just having a well rounded social life. Shy hurts you at work, school, romance its time to realize just say hello! That's right maybe that guy or girl is wanting to meet you, that client is wanting you to speak up or your friends just want you to be more interesting. It just takes nerve and a willingn ...
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Share An American point of view!
2014-4-27 19:39
So much has been written by people who think they know what people think and feel. I for one hate being characterized because I am a white male or an Americanif you wantto know why I act the way I do then ask. If I want to know you I'll ask its the only way we can learn about each others cultures and understand why we act the way we do.
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      • SHY HURTS! 2014-5-3 11:19

        Almost a poem in response:  Don't be shy, say hi. And if they say bye, don't cry. Give it another try. DO YOU think I am a poet and don't know it?  

      • SHY HURTS! 2014-5-3 10:13

        owh! you wrote about my feelings,i also very shy heart so missed many attractive opportunities.what to do?

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