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Share Double Seventh Festival (Chinese Valentine's Day )
smilegirlalice 2014-7-31 22:40
Double Seventh Festival is around the corner .It is treated as a chinese Valentines's Day from a old story , a story about the Cowherd and the Weaving Girl . Many peolpe have some weird thought , like putting a note with let's break up in the chocolate boxessold inshopping mall or some other thoughts about how to break lovers , haha , yep , just weird thought , they won't do that kind of things . They just look forfunny thingswhich can let them feel better in some asp ...
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Share It is a instinct or you really know ?
smilegirlalice 2014-7-27 23:15
There are lots of things in our daily life . We have lots of work , lots of questions, lots of pain , lots of happiness . We will answer a question by our instinct , just not sure the right answer , ,but will give an answer by instinct .Especially at a time to make a decision , we often choose one by instinct . Where to go , what to eat , we also may make a decision by instinct . Don't know which one is the best choose , and do not want to think too much , so we make a decisio ...
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Share Accept the way you are
smilegirlalice 2014-6-15 00:24
Each of us is unique , are irreplaceable .Just accept the way we are . There are a lot of people around us , and we will contact with different people every day .Some older , some of the young ,some of the same age ; some students , some teachers ,some social workers ;some trivers ,some cookers , some dancers ,some singers ,some designers and so on .They all have their own life , different from us .Stay with them , we like looking for difference ,then compare with others . Someone will st ...
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Share Always want to go out for a travel
smilegirlalice 2014-6-8 10:15
Always want to go out for a travel
Always want to go out for a travel , see different scenery ,touch different people and things ,the most wonderful thing is that i can feel the beauty and forget my past . Duringworking hours , i love the lunch break best . At lunch break , i can put things down , listen to mustic ,or rather listen to myself ,my heart , my feeling , my mood and so on .I can fly away with the music ,walk on the seaside ,face the sea wind ,that is amazing .At that time , i feel my body is so light , witho ...
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Share Today's Food
smilegirlalice 2014-5-25 23:44
For the moment , there is a saying ,we eat poison everyday .People add some poison to many kinds of food to get a good turnover .Yeah , you have got good turnover and money , but they have forgotten a very important thing .It is a bad mode to earn money , they have hurt a lot of people and hurt themselves . Have you thought that yourself , your families or your friends got seriously ill after ate some poison food .What is your reaction ?How do you feel about the society ? Maybe you will ...
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Share To my mom
smilegirlalice 2014-5-11 21:12
Mom , i love you so much , you are the best mom in the world . My mom has paid a lot to our family . When mom was young , she left her parents and her brothers ,married with my dad .After getting married , she seldom went back home , she hates getting into the bus (she will feelpretty bad on the bus ) and it is far from her home . Dad isn't a thoughtful man , him do not know how to care about others , so i know that mom must often missing her parments . Mom is alway busy , she has t ...
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