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Share A Dreamer
cecilia颖 2014-4-28 10:11
People dream so do I. and I decided to write it down. And I am also a “dreamer”… A dreamer Brad woke up with a start, again, at 1:04 AM. Then he fumbled at the bedside for a clove of garlic----since he sank into that dream, he chose that weird way to make him clear, or make sure he was still alive. Someone had said that garlic could repel evil spirit, which he knew deep in his heart was the real reason why he wolfed down the bitter nasty white thins. He hated doing th ...
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Share I am going to graduate this summer
cecilia颖 2014-4-26 11:50
In 2010, i came to Xi'an and study in an ordianry university. now, 2014, i am going to gradute in two or three months. and now, i am trying finish my thesis first. the thesis, as a standard for the graduation, is not as it was a big deal. but i dont kown why there is only one single standard all around China to prepare for graduation of students majoring arts. teachers have told me it tests comprehensive ability of a student to complete a thesis.yes, but i still wish there will be ...
Personal category: before graduation|1172 views|2 comments Popularity 1


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