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Share Oasis Music Festival in SJTU
cecilia颖 2015-4-19 23:20
Oasis Music Festival in SJTU
On Wednesday night, I went to SJTU for the Oasis Music Festival. SJTU is very near my university, ECNU if it were not the size of SJTU. But I can still take my junky second-hand bike there within 20 minutes. Most people who went to the music festival are students. The first band is from SJTU. I personally admire them for their courage and talent to pursue dreams. Bands sing, play, shout, go crazy; we sit, stand, hands up, shout. The music festival was held in a sta ...
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Share What We Should Do to Education Problems?
cecilia颖 2015-3-16 20:36
Maybe it was several months ago, i read a blog about the problems existing in China. Some problems like the equality of education opportunity and the quality of education in China, seem only can be resolved in the level of system. I also noticed that in this two sessions, there is a reform which is launched by the department of Education. It is said in 2016 26 provinces in China will get the Gaokao examination papers from the consultation of the department of Education and the local education b ...
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Share My Spring Festival
cecilia颖 2015-3-3 00:48
My Spring Festival
It took me almost 24 fours to go back, from Shanghai to my hometown, a small village in Shanxi Province. And there is no direct train in my hometown to arrive to Shanghai, so I also need to transfer to another coach from Luoyang. Then it will take me another 4 to 5 fours to go back finally. Living in Shanghai gives me the chance to experience what is Spring Festival travel rush really is. And still there are so many people were standing in the aisle when we were sitting. I won’t ...
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Share Swweet Cats In ECNU
cecilia颖 2015-2-16 19:52
Swweet Cats In ECNU
There are many cats in our new campus, especially in the dorms. One day when my friend saw me off to the dorm, he met a white cat with brown dots on her body. He is really a cat person. So he thought he might take one to his dorm and raise her by himself. And that cat also seemed quite int ohim, starting to purring when he caressed her fur and then, resting her head on his arm. The cat acted like a baby actually. But when my friend tried to take the cat to his dorm, she seemed reluctant and tri ...
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Share Please slow down
cecilia颖 2015-1-20 17:40
Please slow down
It is also what i want to tell myself. A few days ago, i had lunch with a friend from a top-rank university in China. i told him my pressure on study and my confusion about the graduate study. He sighed and said,"During the two semsters he was in this university,there has been 5 or 6 students committing suicide by jumping off the building. It is a prevailing phenomenon. But you need to hold on to your own faith and do not lose your direction." I have to admit that during the half year as a gra ...
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Share what is the New Year's wish? and what do you regret for about 2014?
cecilia颖 2014-12-25 00:49
what is the New Year's wish? and what do you regret for about 2014?
We are preparing for a New Year's party now. Each of us will take a picture with a white board with wishes and regrets on it. And a video will be made of the continuous pictures. It is good idea to let everyone speak out at this time. So naturally, i was thinking about the two questions today. Then at dinner, i told my boy friend about the questions i was thinking about. Before i told him about the wish-and-regret video, he told me a story. The story goes like this. And the story is abou ...
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Share My 2014
cecilia颖 2014-12-17 00:06
2014 is going to wind up. Looking back on this year, a lot of things happen. Some i could share with, and the others i hope will be hidden all my life. I think everyone has something hiddendeep in his heart. No matter what the thing is, it would cause pain whenever it is mentioned. Maybe that is a must for being mature, for being an adult. The older weare, the more secrets we have. The secrets we have in our heart is like a net we weave. Inside the net, it is a dark us w ...
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Share The Future of Marginalized Community
cecilia颖 2014-11-22 00:34
The Future of Marginalized Community
Back in under graduate, a text called “The Loons” always touches me and makes me feel pity for those people, the Metis. They are the offspring of the indigenous people and white people, so they can never fully recognized by both sides. Technically speaking, they are even more marginalized than Indian people. I do not know what their living condition is and what social right they have now, but from the google information, the situation has not been improved impressively. Maybe later, th ...
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Share The Rain MakerS----To Professors in Australian Study Centre in ECNU
cecilia颖 2014-11-18 22:22
The Rain MakerS----To Professors in Australian Study Centre in ECNU
Professor Chen Hong is the director in ECNU's Australian Study Centre. The first time I met him was when I took part in the admission interview in ECNU. I remember at that time when I talked "Game of Thrones”, he looked at me with interest, which game me hope that I might pass the interview. It was actually risky to talk about the popular literature in that occasion. There was a teacher even asked me that since I was into popular literature, how can I deepen my study in post grad ...
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Share Listen to the God in your heart
cecilia颖 2014-11-11 11:42
I am writing this not because i am very religious. Actually I do not have a religion now. But recently, I saw my best friendwho is a Muslim pray when it is the time, and then I told him about my puzzles in my mind. When i was in Xi'an, I always visited the temples when I was longing for inner peace. I am not a Buddhist too, but I enjoy the tranquil atmosphere inside.When I watchedthose Buddha sculptures attentively, I was so calm that I can hear the voice of another me ...
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