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Share To Fail
cecilia颖 2015-12-13 16:09
To Fail
From September to now, I have from time to time had some tests, such as the teacher qualification test, and the test for advanced interpretation. The results have come out now, but none of them adds sense of achievement to me. That is, I did not pass the two tests. We all have failed to get what we want, but when you failed one by one, which is a big strike actually. The clichés that help you to cheer up sound dry, sour and bitter. &n ...
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Share Vocational education and normal education
cecilia颖 2015-12-3 22:48
Generally speaking, there are two kinds of schools for students in China, the normal schools where most of students go and study general disciplines, and the vocational schools where students can learn the pragmatic skill. Some students go to the normal school, attain acceptable scores and head to universities. Others do not have a good performance in school work or do not have much interest in it, and would probably choose to attend to vocational school ...
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Share what do we students have for fun?
cecilia颖 2015-11-21 17:43
A few days ago, we have a visitor from Australia, William Yang, who held a story-telling workshop in our department. My juniors went there and told their stories like William Yang. After the workshop, we had lunch together, when the organisor asked us what we usually do for fun.We all fell into quietfor a while. Actually I have been asked about this question for many times. Therefore I hold that maybe foreign students and teachers are curious about our routine life and what we real ...
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Share Frankenstein in “Me”
cecilia颖 2015-10-16 09:17
Victor Frankenstein created creatures which were neither human nor ghost. Actually, it exists in everybody’s mind and talk to its masters from time to time. He usually keeps silent. Institution directs “me” more. However, when “I” am upset and weary, he talks. You can say he is a monster, for he, formless, lives in darkness of “my” heart, where “I” might fail to clean or simply forget his existence. It is said people with disorder have a small guy singing inside their min ...
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Share Terrorism in my eyes
cecilia颖 2015-10-13 21:05
When I first told mom that I have a Pakistani boyfriend, her first reaction was “Where? You mean the place where there are a lot of terrorist attacks?” Here it is not an offence to all the friends from Pakistan, but it is the impression that my mom, a traditional ordinary housewife, got from the TV news. She told me she was not sure whether it is safe for me if I go there. Unintentionally, the news has become a carrier of fear, one of the purposes of terrorism acts. If you ask m ...
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Share The Story of A Parasite-like Mother----"Home Song Stories"
cecilia颖 2015-6-21 13:20
The Story of A Parasite-like Mother----"Home Song Stories"
Parasite It is an Australian movie. A mother, Rose, used to be a party girl, was taken to Australia by an Australian sailor, Bill. She thought she could depend on Bill totally, but Bill had to go out. She became restless and fell in love with another boy, Joe. But Joe was too young to feed the whole family. They fought a lot. After a long time, Bill came back and accepted Rose again. But Bill cannot stay home long. After he went out again, Rose seemed to want to go b ...
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Share My Opinion about Gaokao
cecilia颖 2015-6-5 12:10
To my view, Gaokao is a way to assess the knowledge proficiency of high school students, or we can say it is an assessment system of knowledge proficiency. For years, the government has been trying to make it accessible, equitable, fair and effective, since it is so important a lever of education resources. But I think the problem is this evaluation should not be taken so much and the other purposes of education have got neglected. If the main purpose of education is to enl ...
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Share The way to understand literature
cecilia颖 2015-6-1 22:57
There is one course I am learning now, “Twentieth Century Western Critical Theories”, which introduces a series of literature criticism theories. You may feel it is a quite boring and tasteless subject when this title comes to you the first time, but I think that this subject is a must-to-read for those who hold reading as his or her hobby. Usually when we read a book, we feel it is fun, sad, happy or ridiculous if you enjoy the process of reading the book on your hands, but why ...
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Share “Don’t worry, I’m okay.”
cecilia颖 2015-5-8 23:35
“Don’t worry, I’m okay.”
She raised three kids, even though the family-control policy once was very strict at that time. She was locked in a small room for the punishment of having more children than the policy allowed. I am one of her “spare” children. For a woman, it must be a suffering for keeping you away from your new-born kids and all your families. She was born in 1965. Her husband has some problem upon his arms, and cannot work outside to support the family. So he stays at home and do ...
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Share A Letter to First Love
cecilia颖 2015-4-21 21:26
A Letter to First Love
No. X, X Street London, Britain 21st, 2015 Dear xx How are you? It has been almost 5 years since we met each other last time. I still remember I begged you to meet me on that Valentine’s Day. How stupid I am! 5 years have passed; the scar has healed by itself. What has gone has gone to nowhere. a few days ago, some of my friends talked about a movie, called “Fleet ofTime”( 匆匆那年 ). The movie triggered the memory about you. T ...
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