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At a wedding in Guilin

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On the New Year’s Day, I went to Guilin and attended a friend’s wedding. Taking the train from Shanghai to Guilin gave me a chance to experience the scenery changes from north to south. It is also the first time that I went to Guilin and I was surprised that there was also smog in such a bright city. A driver told me that there was no smog in Guilin five years ago.

I arrived one day before the wedding, so I helped my friend, the bride-to-be, to prepare the decoration of their new house. We girls blew many colorful balloons and made them into different sweet shapes.

In Guilin, the wedding ceremony is usually held at night, from 7 to 9. At the morning of the wedding day, there are some traditional “tricks” for the bridegroom and best man. The bride stayed inside her old room and waited for the arrival of her bridegroom. At the same time, we girls (sisters group) would hide the shoes of the bride. If the bridegroom wants to see and take her away from the room, he first should answer many tricky questions given by the sisters group, and do whatever the sisters group ask. And when he (the bridegroom) is allowed to come in the room, he and his best man should try to find the shoes. Anyway, it can also be called “barricades” for the bridegroom from taking the bride. At that day, I was holding the door from letting boys in. The bridegroom was asked what the favorite dish of his bride-to-be is, and he also sang love songs and even did 50 push-ups. Besides, the bridegroom also gave us many lucky money bags because that is also one of the things to “flatter” the sisters group and beg them open the door. The best man was also asked to do 50 push-ups. After all of this, the door finally was opened, because we sisters group said so (at the command of the bride actually, haha). Inside the room, the bridegroom and the best man started to look for the bride’s shoes. Actually, one of them was plucked into her camera’s bag, the other one was in an old bag of the bride. Out of nowhere, the best man somehow found the one of the shoes in the camera’s bag. However, the bride still could not find the other one, but the bride was soft-hearted and told him a clue (too obviously) about the other bag.

After the happy tricks-time, we went to the new house, and rehearsed the wedding ceremony at night at first. Back to the new house again, I found that there were many things on the couple’s bed, such as peanuts, dates, longan, and even four big grapefruit. I know peanuts, dates and longan have the figurative meaning of “have a dear baby soon”, but grapefruit is a strange existence here. Then the bridesmaid told me the Chinese pronunciation of “grapefruit” sounds like “having a baby” in Chinese, that is, you (fourth tone)-zi (third tone)----you (third tone) zi (third tone). Interesting!

At the wedding ceremony, my friend’s father wrote her a poem and let the host read it to all the guests. I was deeply touched by his love to his daughter. When his father held her hands to the bridegroom, I saw she cried, happily, I know.

To be invited to a wedding and witnessing their happy moments, is my blessing. I experienced the wedding culture in southern China and felt the happiness of marriage. However, I myself, follow non-marriage doctrine. I admire the perfect ceremony, but I have my reasons. Maybe I will tell them later.

decoration in new house 1

decoration in new house 2

decoration in new house 3

a touching scene in the wedding ceremony

bride and sisters group

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