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“When you are on the way”

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At the beginning of December, our “department of nations and cultures” (a sub-member department in the graduates union) planned to start an activity about “diverse nations and cultures at home and abroad”. We named it as “When you are on the way”, meaning you are far away from your home on the one hand, and on the other hand, you would feel other various cultures on your way.

People usually know more about student union, instead of graduate union. Is it true that graduates sounds more bookish? I guess so. But it is not true. We have such an organization and also we hold activities like debate competition, singer competition, lectures and fellowship parties, which are like a group blind dates. The activity we planned has three parts. First, we collected the photos that are in accordance with the theme. Many students have provided us fantastic photos, for example, some students presented a series pictures of Yun’nan, which are full of talents and art atmosphere. At the second stage, which is the stage we are having now, we printed the wonderful pictures as postcards and made a mini-exposition of postcards. At the bottom of the postcard, we also gave the description of this picture and the stories behind it. Viewers can leave comments to the postcards they like and stick the sticky notes beside them. The mini-exposition will last for three days.

At the third stage, we will invite some of the photographers to share some experience and skill about photography; and some professors who are specialists in nations and cultures gave us lectures about the situation of nations and cultures all over the world. We will also select out the most excellent pictures and make them into a series of postcards, and give them to the photographers. I guess the postcards will encourage them to make more beautiful pictures and also think more about the theme of “nations and cultures” from time to time. Thus, the culture awareness and proud can be invoked in a long run.

Although there are only 6 members in our “department”, we have had help from other departments. The department of new media helped us to promote this activity and hence, we have collected more than 100 excellent pictures. Another friend from the school of geography helped us to design a genius poster. The head of our department is a really busy guy, but he helped us to fix the final version of the stages and support us to hold this activity.

We are all like birds, because there will be one day when we will have full fledge and fly away from home, mentally at least. The nations and cultures we would encounter and have encountered on our way to go further deserve to be recorded. There are many people who want to share your stories on the way.

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