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An Unforgettable Night

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i should have written down what i have experienced at the last night when i worked in the bar,but i went to Baotou and the blog was delayed.now i want to share my funny story at that night.<br><div>Although it was the night for me to work there,i still worked very hard to the last minute.The three draft beers,Carlsberg,Hoegaarden,Liefman and their machine have become my best friends.After i was off work,i wanted to buy myself a drink in order to say goodbye to my friends and the bar.After getting changed and wetting my face(i usually had already fell asleep),i felt refreshed again."what i am gonna to drink to say goodbye?"i asked myself.then one cocktail occured to me,Tomorrow.Yes,tomorrow is another day,or a new start.My life journey here now was a period.So i went to the bar counter and ordered a Tomorrow,although my friends didnt think it is a good-tasting one.The mixer was also one of my friends here,he knew it was my last night here and my choice of that night.then he made a super-level of Tomorrow(mixed with Zombie drink and lightened it!!!).Instead of paying for it myself,my manager bought it for me and told me to drink slowly.Thanks,my manager.But i wanted to play.so i did what the mixer told me-drink almost half of the drink in one mouth.I knew he was just kidding,but i did not care and i wanted to know what would happen if i drank it fast.</div><div>In 20 minutes,i finished a Tomorrow and felt dizzy in my head and burning in my heart.But everything looked so beautiful when you got drunk at the first beginning.I did not remember clearly why i ordered another drink---long island iced tea(i seemed to remember someone said i should stop myself from drinking more).what happened then was like a funny dream.And i knew the following story from my friends the next day.</div><div>I was carried to my bunk by my friend Eric.i slept on the upper bed but i did not remember how i managed to climb onto it.then i must fall asleep for a while.But my stomach began to react because of fast drinking,i wanted to throw up.Though i was on the upper bunk and wanted to puke and i was so drunk,i found a small plastic bag by i-dont-know-how and puked a full bag and tied it.haha.i was not that a disaster for my bed,haha.But still,there were some puke on the bed sheet and the terrible smell was everywhere.Even though,i fell asleep again with my puke around and under me.<br></div><div>Maybe it was around 4 or 5am,i felt like peeing so much,naturally.so i went upstairs(the toilet was upstairs and you have to climb a steep and narrow flight if you want to release your bladder),again,i managed to climb upstairs by i-dont-know-how and struggled with my belt for quite a while and got released finally.haha.After that,i felt so tired so i wanted to have a rest first outsidw the toilet.There were some chairs for guests.So i sit on the chair and sprawled on the table...But on the next morning,i wanted to go to toilet again,i found myself on my bed,which was so smelly.In the afternoon,my friends told me it was them(two boys) held me downstairs and heped me find my bed.<br></div><div>i was intended to leave that day,but i had a strong headache and felt like vomitting all day long,so i was delayed.And also i had to clear up my bunk completely considering the disaster i had maken.haha<br></div><div>That was the first time that i got so much drunk.but i was not regret for that,because sometimes i just want to make fun of myself by doing something stupid.<br></div>

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