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[Topic] The helicopter parents around me

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When I saw this topic, I look back of those years and think about how my parents bring me up. Then I realize a fact that I am lucky that I have parents who have given me proper freedom to grow up. Both my parents are farmers, but they try their best to give us three children good education and a comfortable life. The success of my parents’ education for us, I think, is in what they do in ordinary life, they are hard-working, honest and down-to-earth. They are like all the other farmers in the rest of China, no big difference, but they both have beautiful mind to give us good examples to learn from.


But many of friends have helicopter parents. When I was in high school, we were required to live at school, as we know, in the dorms. But some of my classmates did not. When I asked them why, they told me their parents wanted they have a quieter environment to study. Their parents would also bring lunch or dinner or both every day to them. Some parents even lived with their kids at school. To guarantee a perfect study environment is one thing, but at the same time, a upcoming adult, 17 or so, has been ripped of freedom and independence to grow up. It is only an example.


But here I don’t mean to blame anyone, those helicopter parents or their children. When I walk in the street and see parents with their kids, a question always occurs to me--- how would I educate my children if I have my own? I know I would also be nervous to my kids if they have something bad at school; I know I would not stop worrying about whether they have tried their best in their study; I know I would get worried when they have secrets from me… maybe because I don’t have children now (not even get married, just wondering…), I don’t know the answers of those questions, but I know one thing, being “helicopter” is out of love and it is a little bit extreme in educating children. But the education of children is not just controlling and taking care of everything, it is also about giving them proper freedom, believing them. That is how my farmer parents educate us.

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