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Share A guy
奔跑的卤蛋 2014-6-30 23:49
It was very late now,but I was eager to written down what happened and who I met today. Today,I met with a boy who was one of my partners in the coming summer social practice.He was a very charming guy,full of ideas,and presented himself as a high-quality man.He was a man who never project his faults onto others,he didn't automatically assume a problem was caused by others,instead,he took an honest look in himself.And he was a man whowas willing to take action without hesitation,he was ...
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Share Book Review on Uncle Tom’s Cabin
奔跑的卤蛋 2014-6-29 10:27
“ Infrontithadaneatgarden-patch,where,everysummer,strawberries,raspberries,andavarietyoffruitsandvegetables,flourishedundercarefultending.Thewholefrontofitwascoveredbyalargescarletbignoniaandanativemulti-flowerrose,which,entwistingand&nb ...
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Share The Lost Legacy of Highclere Castle
奔跑的卤蛋 2014-6-28 19:22
The Lost Legacy of Highclere Castle
Haveyoueverseenthesmash-hitBritishTVdrama DowntownAbbey ?Isawit,andIwastotallyengrossedinit,foritswonderfulgardens,stunningrooms,aswellastheelegantlifeoftheBritisharistocracy.ButnotuntilIreadthebook TheLostLegacyofHighclereCastl ...
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Share Review on The Last Leaf
奔跑的卤蛋 2014-6-20 22:00
Joannahascontractedtheillnessandisdyingofpneumonia.Thelingeringpneumoniatakesherwilltolive,thusthegirlbelievesthatshewilldiewhenthelastleafdropsfromadyingvineoutofherwindowinabittercoldwinter.Mr.Behrman,anelderlyartistfrus ...
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Share Too Much Noise in Train Station
奔跑的卤蛋 2014-5-30 13:00
I was waiting in the train station and longed for a little nap. But as I seated myself, I heard terrible noise coming in all directions. In front of me was a grope of women. They had hum of chat, murmuring and mumbling, chuckling from time to time. Beside me, a young girl sucked an ice cube into her mouth, crunching it loudly. At my other side, a boy hummed to himself as he played his mobile phone. The hum liked the sound o ...
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Share A Weird Snack
奔跑的卤蛋 2014-5-25 20:11
Haveyouevertriedtodipf renchfries intoice-creaminsteadof tomatoketchup ? Sillyasit may sound ,itisreally agoodcombination afterItriedit. Friday’afternoon,myfriendsand I were wait ing outsidethecinemaforthemovie“ X-Men ...
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Share Colorful Beef
奔跑的卤蛋 2014-5-23 22:35
Colorful Beef
Atthebeginningoftoday ’ soralclass,my foreignteacher sittingatthetablegazedatus,withanexpressionofopendismayandsaid: “ Ihavebeefwithmyroommatethismorning. ” "Wow, heartybreakfast! ” Iwhisperedtomydeskmate.Insteadofagreeingwithme,she ...
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Share Shake the Bells of Youth
奔跑的卤蛋 2014-5-18 10:48
WhenIfirstread thebook thecatcherintherye atjuniorhighschool,IregardedHolden,thenarratorofthebook,asafoul-mouthedmisanthropewhocould n 'tstopgettingexpelledfromeveryschoolheattended.Healwaysworearedhuntinghat,oneofhi ...
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