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Share I Am Back.
2016-3-11 21:51
Actually I miss here ,the friends here mostly are kind. And I am quite familiar with. Maybe my English writing skill went down, but still , It makes me feel good to start a dairy again. Since last time from now, my two foreign sisters are left. First, I had a crush on the kinder one, the Russian one, then we had a long-term arkward relation while she liked me but not loved me. And I almost have been to St.Petersburg with my Russian sis.but she stood me up. And we had a bad time ...
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Share Tomorrow I have a test. Excited
2014-8-18 17:01
Actually we finished the 4 days- training and tomorrow is the final exam, I am excited. And to be honest ,I am more confident that the yesterday, I can manage it when cross the traffic light ,and the best part of training is getting scoldings,The teacher alway blame us and scold actually but his word is funny , and the point is the rest of us need to pretend to be solemly when he starting scolding ,anyway it is the last time he can get scolding ,things all like that ,First time you feel ...
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Share Crazy day: Learning driving on the real road.
2014-8-13 18:09
Itwas the first time that I drive on the real road, and The teacher told me to drive withsome suggestions and orders.Getting scolding ~ a lot of scoldings.ButseemsIam the bestin4 person who are young students as me, So proud of myself. By the way ,16thAugust is coming ,and my liitlefellowswill come back from their countries.That will be a happy time!! And as my friend said ,I will share with you about the drive lisence but ...
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Share After a long term I come back for sharing .
2014-8-12 14:57
First thing is the car driving test , there are four then I passed the first the theory one in the last summer holiday and recent day I passed the second one ,also it was the most difficult one, because in Hangzhou ,the space is limited so the test is more difficult than the same test in North of China. and I got scoldings every day , of course there are 4 persons include me in one car, learning drive, just drive the car in a special place, with yellow line on the road ,if the car touch the lin ...
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Share Harsh North
2014-6-10 23:30
Harsh North
Since I was very young like Grade 3rd or older, I have been told that how the world looks like outside of China. Like foreigners (precisely), how they have a gap year ,how they earn their money when they are very young and how they have the happy childhood. That makes me hold that idea that China is a closed country and I need to be the represent to interpret our glorious culture and splendid Classic , I know they are different but I do not have a clue why we are diffe ...
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Share Do you believe there will be possible if love lost sex
2014-6-7 22:42
Do you believe there will be possible if love lost sex
In the GAME OF TROME when I reviewed that episode.and the Grey WORM who is the leader of Unsullied which are the strongest slave amry in the charge ofmother of dragon. andhehad beencrastated bythemasterwhenhe was achild,and I know he can't favor girl anymore actually since there are no orlittlemale hermone in his body . Those are fictions and series , aren't they ? but if there is real possibility ...
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2014-6-2 22:50
I do not really like that girl Lady Sansa or Sansa Stark ,she seems worthless actress and the performance of her is not so good ,and she is pretentious and awful I am afraid I don't like her but this episode that she was totallyawesome ,she became a good skiller and a wonderful lier like the black queen, she is really showing up ,I look better on her now ~~~ and then Karlissi I mean the mother of dragons, she is so rude to the knight from bear family, ...
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Share We should behave ourselves when we are in foreign country but we also cannot be
2014-5-31 21:25
Sadly ,when my friend is in Great France (say hi to lovely FrenchMadam),she talked about Chinese with many foreigners, her classmates ,her host families and the mature men or women she met. and there are situations that most of them know few about Chinese and have bad impression on Chinese becauese Chinese behaviors are not so good in foreign country and they saw it before~~she is a lovely and cute little girl ,one of the main members of Ha ...
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Share There are some things in common between us
2014-5-29 09:50
We are all human and mortal and I am confused when there will be some difference between us 1. Many westners are not native English speakersbut why theycanspeakit like a native speaker? 2.there are somany coupleshusbandand wife arefrom different countries. whyChinese andwesterners marriage seems like human and alien marriage~~ we are all humanand nowthe outsiders cannotsay ...
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Share La grande bellezza Glorious Rome and author
2014-5-17 23:18
Maybe most of us know that famous movie about Rome in English The great beauty or in Italian La grande bellezza .Obviously ,it is a very awesome movie. Not only the glorious roman and the crazy parties but also the thought of life that the main actor gave me . As a mortal man we all have desire. I can see most of us pursue a life that like the parties in the movie, the knowledgeable and glorious blondes and handsome guys with high position and great reputation fr ...
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  • I Am Back. 2016-9-19 04:55

    Good to see you back!  Hope things go well for you with your new girlfriend.  Hope she learns not to beat on you but to talk things out.  Over time you will know if you are right for each other.

    looking forward to reading more posts.  Good luck my friend!

  • Tomorrow I have a test. Excited 2014-8-21 16:35


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