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Share Leon and me
hermioneleon 2014-5-26 13:18
Leon, of course, is my boyfriend's name. We have met for nearly eight years and been through a lot. The first time we met is the first year of high school. He was so excellent, the second ranking in the standard examination, that was not enrolled in our high school until October. Imagine that a tall, handsome, excellent boy popping out in your class, could you prevent your heart from flipping. And I was so lucky that such coincidently he was arranged to sit behind me. So follows the rest of plo ...
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Share Some problems about my I-20 of Michigan State University
hermioneleon 2014-5-21 10:50
In Febuary of this year, I got the ad from Michigan State University that I was admitted into their Journalism College to pursue my master degree. I was thrilled. All I want is to finish the graduation process left in my undergradutae college and pack my luggage up and fly to America. But things always go againt my will. The office of admissions in Michigan State University does not send my I-20. Actually,it turns out a bit of ridiculous. In their ad letter, it reads, your I-20 for ...
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Share We will never say goodbye(article)
hermioneleon 2014-5-8 13:08
The day before yesterday, our class took the final gathering picture and had the final dinner with teachers. After that, Baobao(the second from the right) left for home and never came back. Yidong(the first from the left) left this morning, but before the plane taking off, she texted me "Bye". I never suppose that I could hurt inside like this and can not help crying with the deepest sorrow. Yidong and I met at the third year of college, but we had several talks in the first two y ...
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Share We will never say goodbye(picture)
hermioneleon 2014-5-8 12:28
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Share Say bye to my college(Days in dorm)
hermioneleon 2014-5-4 16:51
In a couple of weeks, I will leave this university,where I have spent four years. Learned a lot of course, but I have got more-friends. Since being a ophomore, I lived in a four-persons room. The other three beatiful girls are respectively Lingling, Haoni and Yuanyuan. We have spent the most unforggetable times together. I am going to share some very funny segments of our daily life with u. Lingling is a girl that always brings happiness to us. In another word, she was born w ...
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