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Share Too hot yesterday night
2014-7-12 09:10
I dont know what happed to Dalian. It was too hot yesterday night with 30 degree and without any wind,which made us cannot sleep as quick as;divgt;The high temperature consistents till today. I cannot bear. Is it the time to open AC? It is the middle of;/divgt;lt;divgt;It is too;/divgt;
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Share Calm down and more patient
2014-6-30 13:00
divI found I am not chillax to anything around me.nbsp;I am inpatient when I found a film with 2hrs. So I want to tell myself calm down and be more patient to the things around me./div
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Share Where is mama there is home
2014-6-28 17:50
Perhaps I am not good enough, I have such feeling where is mama there is home,especially I was sick days before.I enjoy being took care.divI will be mama years later. It's time to think of what kinds home enviorment shall I built up.To learn how to be a good mama and keep health./div
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Share Being confident and brave
2014-6-24 21:43
Smile and good night. I should have confidence and be brave all the times.
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Share What is the happyness?
2014-6-21 13:02
The happyness is when you are a child, you have fun to game; when you are young, you can study without thingking living expense; when you have a work, you can do what you like without much criticism;when you sick, you are not worry about the medical fee; when you old,….
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Share Dahei Moutain in my memory
2014-5-31 12:41
I have been to Dahei mountain three times. The first time was in 1999 with my classmate in the university. The second time was in 2007 with my boss who are at Taiwan. My husband and I went there on 1st. May. I felt it was a little high this time. How time flies! I was changed from a girl to a woman, but Dahei mountain you were there stadily!
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Share My team like a big family
2014-5-30 21:44
The doctor advised me to have a good rest at home on 25th.when I was defined by bichemical pragnancy.But,I don't think it is necessary.So I went to work on 26th. My team member got it and told me to have a good rest first one by one and asked me don't worry they would take my work load.I was deeply moved.divI am taking sick leave.Thank you my team member to take my work load./divdivBesides,thank you my family member to take care of me!a href=data/attachment/album/201405/30/215829n930n3ld ...
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Share Love life, love work, love nature
2014-5-30 18:02
I am honour to be one of HPers. I took part in Ocean garbage disposable activity on 7th.,which is the third year.amp;lt;divamp;gt;We want to call for more and more people to join in us through this activity to protact the enviorment we rely on.a href=data/attachment/album/201405/30/180118v6889vyx3pkz8nv9.jpg target=_blankimg src=data/attachment/album/201405/30/180118v6889vyx3pkz8nv9.jpg/a
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Share How big snow it is in May
2014-5-4 20:55
It is usual to see snow in the winter,but in May.When I was young,my mother would find out my dresses in spring on International Labor Day.I have never heard snow day in May except in June to express the injustice of Doue in the folk tale.nbsp;divWhat is the reasons now?Is it due to air pollution? Perhaps,yes./divdivWhatever I got the beautiful photos./div
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Recent comments
  • Dahei Moutain in my memory 2014-6-1 20:05

    The high mountain is always waiting  there loyally and steadily and giving you friendly greetings.

  • My team like a big family 2014-6-1 20:01

    Heed the kindhearted advices from teammates, take a good rest in such an important occasion is all right.

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