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Share Never stop studying.
Hannah.M 2014-7-27 00:12
Never stop studying.
I've heard that 80% of the college graduates major in one subject, but they will got a job which does not accord with their major. I will become a graduate next summer, and I have got a part-time job for this summer vacation, I can understand why people say so now. Life is a journey, in order to finish the journey we need a job to support our life and if one wants a wonderful journey, he needs to spend more energy and gain more experience. I wanna my journey finished without regrets and I w ...
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Share Papa, Mama, I miss you so much.
Hannah.M 2014-7-26 00:39
Papa, Mama, I miss you so much.
Only aftercatch a cough will one realize the importance of health, only after leave home will one realize the love of parents. When one feels uncomfortable, he may begin to regret not doing sports at ordinary times, when one was bad treated by others, he may begins to regret not being a good child at home. When parents talk a lot to us, we're agitated, and want to leave home as soon as possible, and as far awayas possible. Now, I finally got the opportunity to leave hom ...
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Share Lose weight, a lifelong work !
Hannah.M 2014-7-24 23:24
Lose weight, a lifelong work !
Every girlloves beautiful clothes, dresses, shoes and bags, sometimes it is easy for girls to buy one beautiful clothes, but it is not easy to make the fancy clotheslooks beautifulif she is a very fat girl. How to keep slim has always been the hottest topic between them, and they will try every way they couldto lose weight. I was one of the girls who want to lose weight and keep slim, and some friends tell me a way to lose weight which they have already used, and see ...
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Share I meet a pig, Sam!
Hannah.M 2014-7-22 17:58
This morning, I go to the supermaket to buy some meat and eggs, and I buy 30 eggs, so I hold the eggs very carefully, in case that I willbreak the eggs, I hold the eggs with two hands. Then, I come back to the community and to save the time, I decide to pass the side door, but I have no hands to push the door, and a foreign neighbour sees me, and he opens the door for me. I say thanks and thisis the first that we have met each other. What surprised me is that I s ...
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Share Take your keys or prepare the big scissors
Hannah.M 2014-6-27 19:46
Take your keys or prepare the big scissors
There are 6 people in our dorm, and no one take the keys, so we have to snip the lock, and this is not the first time, we're all feel wordless about ourself. Three years past, we have changed more than 4 locks, I hope things like this will never happen again, and I will never let my keys leave my pocket. Making mistakes is ok, but making the same mistake again and again is a very terrible thing, we don't need to feel sorry for making mistakes, however, we shoul ...
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Share The last English-Chinese Translation Course
Hannah.M 2014-6-27 19:09
The last English-Chinese Translation Course
We're going to finished our third term of study, and we will have no more The English-Chinese Translation Course. Some classmates prepared thier own shows for the teacher and all the classmates, and the teacher also joined us, finally, we finished the last class perfectly! I'd like to share our happiness with all of you, and I find outthat say goodbye can be happy, because the wonderful memories will stay in our minds forever. We should treasure ...
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Share Next year, I will be a graduate too!
Hannah.M 2014-6-19 00:14
Next year, I will be a graduate too!
Yesterday, many senior students came back our school to take their diplomas, and took the graduation pictures, we can hear their talking and laughing, and our school was really full of noise and excitement. Each class can choose their own clothes for taking photoes, some will follow the tradition to wear the blackacademic dressand hats, some will choose the different clothes to show their special ideals. I think no matter what they had choosed were the best choices, tha ...
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Share Great! I pass the interview!
Hannah.M 2014-6-13 23:02
Great! I pass the interview!
Last month , I had a interview for the Teacher Certification, and I get the result this evening, I have passed interview. It is really a good news for me, and I don't need to worry about the interview anymore. Waiting is such a tough thing, and I even feel the time goes so slowly that I have to count every second. Now, the big stone in my heart has fall down, I can breathe very freely, I have shared the goodnews with my parents, friends and all of you. Thank you for your supp ...
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Share I'm a super lucky foodie !
Hannah.M 2014-5-26 15:47
I'm a super lucky foodie !
I had learned to make steamed buns(ManTou)three weeks ago, and because I had an interviewtheweek before last, I didn't back home, and so I spent my weekends at school. Last weekend, I went home and my father said that he would made pork buns(BaoZi), he knew that Ilike eating meatand steamed buns(ManTou) cannot satisfied my appetite, I hadleft home two weeks after all. Father is really a superman and I think he can do everything, he ...
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Share Everybody, Please Wish Me Good Luck!!!
Hannah.M 2014-5-17 23:24
Everybody, Please Wish Me Good Luck!!!
I dressed up andwore my high-heeled shoes this morning, because I had an interview and I'd like to make a good impression on the interviewer. I want to become an English teacher in my future life, after graduate next year, I hope I can get a job as an English teacher. I have already passed the written examinations of Teacher Certification, and this morning I was interviewed. I have prepared the interview for long time, even though I was a little nervous, I thought I had tried ...
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