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Never stop studying.

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I've heard that 80% of the college graduates major in one subject, but they will got a job which does not accord with their major. I will become a graduate next summer, and I have got a part-time job for this summer vacation, I can understand why people say so now.

Life is a journey, in order to finish the journey we need a job to support our life and if one wants a wonderful journey, he needs to spend more energy and gain more experience. I wanna my journey finished without regrets and I wanna gain more experience before I finally start my own work.

I do my job and I see other colleagues do their jobs, I find no one can always finish thier things very smoothly and everybody is making mistakes, also everybody is correcting the mistakes and studying for making things better. We all face new things and what we have learned at school can't match the job we have done now.

When I back school, I will make full use of my time, and I have to learn more new knowledge from different domains, after all, I may find a job that I have never thought and even never heard before. Never stop studying, life is a journy which is full of unknown and mystery.

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  • I'm a super lucky foodie ! 2014-5-27 20:21

    Hannah.M: my mother, my sister and I , we made jiaozi together but the special jiaozi is designed by my sister and me
    wow, you both are 'Niu'

  • I'm a super lucky foodie ! 2014-5-27 17:54

    财神: who made this jiaozi?
    my mother, my sister and I , we made jiaozi together but the special jiaozi is designed by my sister and me

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