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Share what is the next social media platform gonna to be
post-lei 2014-7-31 23:28
As the blog contest on china daily nearly finish now, I want to write a passage which responses to the first articles I wrote. How does people’s life reform the social media platform? In the first article that i wrote, I showed how I think the new media platform change people’s life in China, like massive information and knowledge gaining, democracy balancing, and even people can use it release more secret dark side of high class. It gives us lots of changes in life. Most official ...
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Share mini film played by the little 'us'
post-lei 2014-7-31 20:27
mini film played by the little 'us'
They called themselves as little ants art troupe. The people come from this group whose average height not more than 1.28 meters. But they can play the special film---shadow puppet, and their performance are very popular among the people from children up to the age 70. Puppetry originated in the West Han dynasty in Shaanxi, it has been existed more than one thousand years. It is the first visual film in the world by people playing, it is regarded as "the father of modern films ...
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Share My impression of Brugge
post-lei 2014-7-31 19:29
My impression of Brugge
city of Brugge In 2012, I travelled to the Belgium as doing a practice in my course, to my surprise, the city of Brugge is more interesting than Brussels. I didn't notice it before although it is a famous tourist city already. I remembered that we arrived in Brugge afternoon on that day. It was cloudy with clear blue sky, Some people was rambling outside the bar, some people was doing shopping leisurely, it is a kind of lively a littl ...
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Share New look of Bei Ning park
post-lei 2014-7-31 11:02
New look of Bei Ning park
the look of Bei Ning park gate before(picture from internet) the current look of Bei Ning park gate I havenot been to ‘Bei Ning’ park for almost 20 years.It holdslots of good happy childhood memories. It is the nearest located theme park from where I used to live growing up. It is also well knownfor itshistoric past. Ningyuan Garden is located on the north of Tianjin's North Station, north of ...
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Share Amazing Chinese ink painting artist
post-lei 2014-6-30 23:43 Recently I made a small video about Lan Zhenghui-- an ink painting artist.I was impressive by his easy-going personality, because most famous artists I met before always keep a distance with you.He is quick-thinkin person, Ithink that is why he keeps the advanced opinion and painting style in the i ...
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Share Too young to be a oversea Master student for Chinese ?
post-lei 2014-6-30 20:04
Accordingtothereport,recentlymoreandmoreundergraduateswillcontinuetheirMasterstudyaboardstraightly.Andthereasonforgoingtostudyaboardthatjustbecausetheywanttoavoidthehighlyemploymentcompetition.Butdoesitreallyhelp? Aprofessorfr ...
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Share Do we need a gap year?
post-lei 2014-6-30 17:59
The concept of Gap Year is that young people originally from Europe and the United States before entering the university will choose travel instead, because they have not determined their own future, don't know their interests or doubt should be engaged in the business or not, so they need around one to two years to get to know and understand the society. The school will accept their application, and then delay their entrance. Harvard University admissions office on its web site sh ...
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Share One day work in European Parliament Strasbourg [video]
post-lei 2014-6-28 11:17
In April,2012, I journeyed to European Parliament (Strasbourg, France) to do a series of interviews with members of the European Parliament as a part of my coursework. I only stayed there for one day but everything was impressive to me as I’ve never been to any Parliament before. It spend half hour to take us to the Parliament building from the hotel where we lived. We got off the coach, looked from a distance, a semicircle shape building made of all gl ...
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Share My view of the recently violent incident report
post-lei 2014-5-31 22:14
A girl died by a cult group of six people attacked in Mcdonald’s in Zhao Yuan, Shan Dong province. A guy recorded the video of this tragedy by using mobile phone, although the video a little waggled and has a distant from where this happened, the screaming from the attacked woman can be heard very clearly, and it definitely make you chill. It isn’t the only one violent incident appeared recently, from the public violent incident of Kunming railway station until Taipei jieyun cr ...
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Share Hidden Sex Education Circulating Socially [topic]
post-lei 2014-5-31 20:58
I was born in 1980's. My generation stands at a turning point between traditional and cultural values. After the 10 year cultural revolution, sex, became a very sensitive subject not to be disscussed publicly. I have no idea about the sexual attitude that existed in ancient China, but according to famous novel ‘The Golden Lotus’, I understand that it wasn't a very closed environment at that moment. How can people avoid something so essential to their lives? When I was i ...
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