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Share Financial Dispute Between Girlfriend And Boyfriend
2014-7-25 20:37
Financial Dispute Between Girlfriend And Boyfriend
Will you bother about how much you and your girlfriend or boyfriend spend on each other? I ask because it always bothers me since the beginning of my relationship, and even before that because it is a hot topic for our girls. When my boyfriend and I were undergraduates, we got little money from our parents every year. So we had to figure out how much to spend in each month and tried to earn some pocket money in spare time. We usually went out to a cheap restaurant once a week and split the cost ...
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Share Should We Build A Factory To Emancipate Women?
2014-7-16 17:17
Hi, male, do you enjoy the happiness with female? But I cannot feel the happiness as a female, after knowing what behind the courtship is and what my inevitable destiny is. When you aftertaste the sex with a woman and when you feel the joy of fatherhood, can you really understand the things women suffer? I admit I have feminism. But these days I am really afraid of my future and thinking of female’s fate. After reading one of hottest topics on the ...
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Share Are You Willing To Share With Others?
2014-7-15 16:24
Many people may have the memory that in their childhood, they were unwilling to share toys or snacks with their buddies. Recently, I read an article which was about how a mother taught her girl to be tolerate of others’ excellence and to lend a helping hand in study in need. This reminds me of my study in the middle school. The study competition is usually very fierce in middle schools and even in universities. Sometimes, classmates or friends may ask you some questions of s ...
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Share What Can We Get In Foreign Companies?
2014-7-11 17:35
Recently, I read an article about the differences between two friends of the author some years later after the two entering companies with different natures, the state-owned and foreign company. The main part was about the experience or the changes in the friend who entered one of the Fortune 500 companies. For myself, I had a short period of working experience in foreign companies. One lasted for just a few days in a German company and the other was in the British Em ...
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Share The Relationships Between Men and Women
2014-7-7 22:08
Today I had a fight with my boyfriend. I was very angry with his performance, which was actually a common thing for us. After the quarrel, I thought over our relationships and even the relationships between men and women in today’s China. Before going any further, I want to explain the reason for our quarrel. You might have seen my blog showing our miraculous love story. But we also have many conflicts just like other lovers. This time, I had translated his paper ...
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Share Do you know what is football, soccer or rugby?
2014-6-25 00:11
As a girl who hates sports, it is really awkward when someone asks what kinds of sports do you like, which is, however, a frequently asked question, especially in English exams, right? I think some reason for this is the different education system. In China, students spend most of their time on study while the western education requires students to do various sports and sports stars are usually much more brilliant than study ones. I seldom do sports, especially running, which ...
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Share You Really Love Reading?
2014-6-24 23:22
When I was a child, I often read books such as the four masterpieces and magazines ordered by my family. People said that I was a diligent little girl and even praised me as a talent girl for I could recite a lot of Chinese ancient poems when others even knew few Chinese characters. Besides reading books, I learned drawing and Erhu, which occupied almost all my weekends. I had no time to play but actually it seemed that I gained all fun in this kind of study. Believe it or not, I didn't ...
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Share Are you gay, bisexual or straight?
2014-6-20 23:35
“ Stories of Being Me ” web-series introduced people from across Asia who shared their real-life stories about learning to deal with differences in sexual. These Short films were made by UNDP. I have watched some of them, while the others cannot be opened online for some reason. The story of Darius Zee, a filmmaker in Singapore: Every morning, many people are travelling on the road for different destinations with different purposes. He asked what ...
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Share 8 Things You Should Know About Lanzhou City!
2014-6-9 14:16
Lanzhou, the province of Gansu, is a remote town or a hub city in the west of China? Mentioning this city, the term "Xinjiang Mob" may come to your mind immediately. And then you remember the " Lanzhou benzene water pollution". But don't worry! We Lanzhouers are living well. When you come to Lanzhou City, the first thing you should know is of course the indicator of Lanzhou-Lanzhou Railway Station. The statue in the middle of the above picture is the famo ...
Personal category: Roman Holiday Series|2131 views|0 comments Popularity 2
Share The story of I and CATTI
2014-5-20 00:38
This story will depict another lover. Surprising? No, it’s not flooded feelings about my relationships, but my story with translation. This story began from the second half of 2010. When I was a sophomore student, I decided to take the CATTI (China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters) on a whim. At that time, I had no idea about translation or interpretation. I just wanted to find out a career direction, and since I accidentally got to know ...
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