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Financial Dispute Between Girlfriend And Boyfriend

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Will you bother about how much you and your girlfriend or boyfriend spend on each other?
I ask because it always bothers me since the beginning of my relationship, and even before that because it is a hot topic for our girls.
When my boyfriend and I were undergraduates, we got little money from our parents every year. So we had to figure out how much to spend in each month and tried to earn some pocket money in spare time. We usually went out to a cheap restaurant once a week and split the cost. At that time, I thought it was fair, because although some of my friends believed in the courtship girls should leave most of the costs to boys as a test or enjoy I saw my behavior as the right thing for an independent modern woman. 
However, things changed after I got my first pot of gold. It was really a lot for us students. And he asked for one fifth from me. Although I had a little bit hesitation, I thought I could not spend all of my salary and he needed some for study. So I gave him. And since then, both of us did not ask money from our parents any more, especially for that we had already been grown-ups for 5 years. But later he had to pay his tuition, for which the money earned by his odd jobs was obviously not enough. When I talked with my friends that I had decided to give several thousand to him. They were very surprised. They thought I was mad. Actually, he never bought me any valuable things except some small gifts. I can understand he was born in a poor family and have tried to earn his living expenses, but I often question whether he will do the same standing in my shoes and whether he had tried as hard as me for making money. The truth is I gave him the money again and again until he got his new internship under my help. He does not need my help in money any more and has have his own small savings. But he splits every spending with me, which often makes me angry. Yes, I have more savings than him and I do not really need him to buy something for me, for example, a new phone. But I cannot understand why he refused to pay for me the phone, which just cost less than 2000 RMB.  
                                        Where is the problem? 

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Reply Report Bingo201314 2014-8-7 16:55
xiaoqingmuzi:    Public pressure...
Maybe I could show up.

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