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What Can We Get In Foreign Companies?

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Recently, I read an article about the differences between two friends of the author some years later after the two entering companies with different natures, the state-owned and foreign company. The main part was about the experience or the changes in the friend who entered one of the Fortune 500 companies.

For myself, I had a short period of working experience in foreign companies. One lasted for just a few days in a German company and the other was in the British Embassy in Beijing. From the point of my view, I prefer to learn things in the early years in foreign companies, especially in the “Big Four” (accounting firms), which are said to be perfect for exercising abilities through intensive workloads. But since after getting the master’s degree in 2016 I will be in a comparatively old age for a female novice, I prefer to enter a state-owned enterprise. Besides the chance to be a registered resident of Beijing, working in a state-owned enterprise often means a rather comfortable life for women. 

People who have the experience of famous foreign companies know that the working environment and human concern are done much better than other kinds of enterprises. But behind the glitter is a hard truth, even more than heavy workloads or overtime. The friend of the author was tortured to get ill for the frequent working all night and at last she decided to quit. But the worse thing was she could not adapt to the working conditions in other types of firms any more. Because in her previous company, she often went on business trips to various countries or places housing in five-star hotels, as well as attending regularly parties wearing formal dresses. But these things would not happen after her leaving. She had been accustomed to the respect and benefits on the surface and had forgotten the real happiness and wisdom to live. Actually, foreign companies recruit excellent students who usually have the values of realizing their self-worth. Even without the benefits from companies, they can discipline themselves to do job best. With the encouragement from the companies, which are usually unequal to their sacrifice, the “white-collars” willingly work for them day and night despite some complains for fatigue. We Chinese people are famous for diligence, but why the commitment ranks low in the world? Maybe because in most industries, we Chinese earn much less than what we deserve. How can you expect slaves willingly work for slavers? They just work for living. And foreign companies seem to have lent a hand to slaves giving them enough respect, but the truth is they are also calculating how they can get the most from the staff. Then are foreign companies really a better choice?

Finally, I posted an album at my Wechat: Never lost your mind in the glamorous surface and useless vanity, becoming the most foolish one exploited by your intelligent superior.

What are your opinions about the culture of foreign companies? Which kind of company do you prefer?


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