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The Relationships Between Men and Women

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Today I had a fight with my boyfriend. I was very angry with his performance, which was actually a common thing for us. After the quarrel, I thought over our relationships and even the relationships between men and women in today’s China.

Before going any further, I want to explain the reason for our quarrel. You might have seen my blog showing our miraculous love story. But we also have many conflicts just like other lovers. This time, I had translated his paper for contributing several days ago, leaving the revise work for him. I thought he had done it before the last day. Surprisingly, he called me to revise it on the deadline. I was so angry that I questioned him what he did in the past few days. The truth was he just rewarded himself with a good rest for the main work, translation, had been done. I was furious for this “reason”. That work was done by me. For no reasons, he took it for a rest. And in revising its format, his no knowledge of the basic usage of Word made the thing unbearable. I scolded him for learning nothing in the previous year of his postgraduate study. How could he count on that his paper would be published one day?

I then associate this incident with status quo of women in China. We know that there is a “left-over ladies” phenomenon in China. One of my roommates often says to me that she will never grab a guy who fails to meet her requirements for a prince. In today’s China, girls often perform better than boys in study, thus more women have an advanced degree. Usually they have a unique personality and understanding for their life. They will never condescend to the disappointing life. And some think Chairman Mao’s emancipation of women, enhancing their status and opportunities, is actually a bad thing for them. Because when the society says you can, they have more choices and more thoughts, which is easy to make people lost. Although the society has given them a permit, it does not provide a ticket for equality. The reality is women not only needs to keep good face and figure as the tradition, but also is expected to contribute as many as men in society. It is said therefore, it is hard to be a woman. You must think like a man, act like a lady, look like a young girl, and work like a horse. While men become increasingly weak, not only in body, acting like girls, but also in intelligence. I say this not out of gender discrimination or feminism. Some studies have confirmed the boy crisis in modern times.

So, tolerate or refuse our men? My friend answers, “Oh, what benefits they can add to me?”

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