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My Roman Holiday Episode II

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This story began from a book. In the winter vocation of 2010, I just ended a relationship. Sitting on the sofa in my home, I opened a book borrowed from the library of Shandong University, Weihai. The name of that book-Putin Era-I will never forgetOn its flyleaf, was written a logical reasoning question. I just felt very curious and then I sent my answer to the phone number left below that question. After adding him as a friend in QQ, I fell in love at the first sight of his photo. The following goes without saying. Once month later, when I took the train to return to school, he met me at Weihai station. Although he was not so handsome as I'd imagined, even a little bit short, he met the basic requirements I'd set for my boyfriend, that is, no smoking, no playing computer games, responsibility and being nice to me. So...

Three years’ schoolmate in Weihai. Taken in library-our love! (ignore the swarthy face)

Postscript:Later, I wrote my phone number covering his, and hoped the story could be relayed, though it was not a glorious thing...I once even planned to steal it from our library before graduation.

Taken in Weihai, 2010 (still so ugly and young face)-Our beautiful Majia Mount.

Taken in Weihai, 2011 (more beautiful and mature, right?) Our fairytale beach.

"Our graduation in 2012"- actually, I graduated a year later than him. He joked and said if I graduated with him, I would have no photographs in my graduation season. Surprisingly, it came true. In my graduation season, I worked in Beijing, and even had no leave to take pictures with my class. By the way, the graduation picture of my class gained wide popularity that year, for they (two gentlemen and thirty ladies) wore wedding dress for the photograph. It was really one of my regrets.

Taken in Weihai, 2012 - Our final year together in Weihai. Miss that beautiful city...

Brief reunion in Jinan - I went there to take an exam, and he came to spend a few days with me. The first time we spent our hard earned money for travel, we were so happy in those days.

Taken in Lanzhou, 2012 - his life in Lanzhou University

I remember when we were on the bus to Weihai station, he was full of passion for his graduate life in Lanzhou...And the days after his leaving were so hard for me. Because you know, that campus was filled with our memories...

Taken in Beijing, 2013 - my life in Beijing

In 2013, after the postgraduate entrance exam, I went to Beijing and started my internship. From March to the end of August, these days I will never forget, because they are as beautiful as a Roman holiday... Especially, I spent an unforgettable life in the British Embassy.

Finally, we met again in Lanzhou. It was really a miracle. For I failed in that exam and was adjusted to Lanzhou University like him in the previous year. So we began our two years' schoolmates in Lanzhou.

And, and in 2014, this miracle continues... he got the ticket to the British Embassy, too!! From now on, we share the same working experience.

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Reply Report evething 2014-5-20 19:51
xiaoqingmuzi: Tks. Though he has no savings, house or car, I'm not a Cinderella, so he can be my great love
That would be true love for you~

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