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Share My parents
2014-9-30 15:09
My parents are farmers who have two sons. They don't have high education background but they know education is of great importance for their children . They sacrificed almost half of their life in order to support their children's education as if they live for their children. they give their hearts to their children.As a graduating student,I am eager to get a good job with a high salary so that I can offer them a better life .I truly believe myself that I can do it .I love my parents
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Share my favourite game : bridge game
2014-9-30 14:35
my favourite game : bridge game
Brigde card isone of trick-taking card games.It is played by four people who form two partnerships, the partners sit opposite each other at a table .The game consists of the auction (often called bidding) and play, after which the hand is scored. During the period of bidding,you have to bid the best contract through communicating with your partner .Sometime ,you have good cards with high points ,but if you bid low ,your side may easily finish the contract,however,you cann't o ...
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Share The most Moving Song in Chinese
2014-6-9 21:48
The most Moving Song in Chinese mv
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2014-6-4 23:00
Chapter 3: Be Cautious in Your Daily Life Get up in the morning before your parents; at night, go to bed only after they have gone to sleep. When you realize that time is passing you by and cannot be turned back, and that you are getting older year by year, you will especially treasure the present moment. When you get up in the morning, wash your face and brush your teeth. After using the toilet, always wash your hands. You must wear your h ...
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Share what can I do for this world ?
2014-5-31 21:04
what can I do for this world ?
There are so many people who really need help in the world,what can we do for them? For this issue,I asked some people on the internet and they told me that being a teacher was not a bad choice? however,I still thought a teacher had only limited influence on the society. The net friend solved my puzzle again. He analyzed that if you wonna create public welfare foundation like One Foundation by Li Lianjie but you had to have a great influence;if you wonna create an international h ...
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Share Best wishes to my friends
2014-5-28 19:50
Best wishes to my friends
May you always have work for your hands to do, May your pockets hold always a coin or two. May the sunshine bright on your windowpane, May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain. May the hand of a friend always be near you, May your heart be full of gladness to cheer you.
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Share Two Funny Stories
2014-5-28 19:39
Two Funny Stories
1. 2.
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2014-5-24 18:15
This month may be the important turn during my graduate life ,because I happened to find a forum about Chinese tradional cultrue, which made me renew outlook of the world and outlook of life. As we all know,this mordern world is developing faster and faster,most of all have high pressure about work and life .With the pressure of making a lot of money,we always feel upset ,even can't feel the meaning of life. It seems that everything will be okey as long as ...
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2014-4-28 13:25
1.Spring Festival TheSpringFestivalisknownasthemostimportantFestivalinChina.Duringtheholiday,peoplegobacktohometownfromeverywherenomatterhowfarthedistanceis.TheypreparevariousdeliciousfoodandpresentsfortheSpringFestival  ...
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2014-4-18 14:48
Istandheretodayhumbledbythetaskbeforeus,gratefulforthetrustyouhavebestowed,mindfulofthesacrificesbornebyourancestors.IthankPresidentBushforhisservicetoournation,aswellasthe ...
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  • what can I do for this world ? 2014-6-1 08:44

    THE pigeons look small, but they could fly across the Pacific Ocean without stopping ! They are powerful since they are ambitious !
    I feel happy to see more and more young Chinese come to the Forum , THE chinadaily is our own paper and she would become more beautiful because of the new blood form the new comers !

  • Best wishes to my friends 2014-5-31 21:12

    ColinSpeakman: When I saw the picture I thought : Hello Duckie!    That is a friendly way of saying hello in English .. But not heard much these days!

    May yo ...
    thank you so much~

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