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Share Cultural Ditterence in Commenting Physical Characteristic
2014-4-11 18:34
1. When you're in places where comments on your physical appearance are not insults but rather just statements of fact (for the most part), you have to learn to take it with a of salt 2. in China,c ommenting on physical appearance has no negative or positive connotation, Tall, fat, blond hair, brown eyes--these are just physical characteristics, not insults or compliments. 3.In America, calling someone fat is a great insult 4.The real test for you i ...
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  • what can I do for this world ? 2014-6-1 08:44

    THE pigeons look small, but they could fly across the Pacific Ocean without stopping ! They are powerful since they are ambitious !
    I feel happy to see more and more young Chinese come to the Forum , THE chinadaily is our own paper and she would become more beautiful because of the new blood form the new comers !

  • Best wishes to my friends 2014-5-31 21:12

    ColinSpeakman: When I saw the picture I thought : Hello Duckie!    That is a friendly way of saying hello in English .. But not heard much these days!

    May yo ...
    thank you so much~

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