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Share If you could be famous, what would you be famous for?
2019-1-17 01:11
Do you want to be an actor, a singer or a model? Would you rather be a politician, a banker, or maybe an entrepreneur? Which is more important to you: being known for your beauty or being known for your mind? Are you more interested in being known for something generous you did for an important interest group such as lifting people out of poverty, helping refugees, solving a water shortage crisis, solving an energy shortage crisis, or creating a healthcare or technology breakthrough t ...
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Share How to Learn (Anything, Especially Languages)
2018-12-23 07:14
First, have a great attitude. This is essential in everything. When we are learning, we make mistakes. We feel burdened. We feel bored. We feel discouraged. Keeping a positive attitude, creating healthful pattern, so practice, so get reward, positive feedback cycles, and creating an encouraging environment are all essential to learning well. Time management and self-discipline is the next most important quality good students all share. Learn to use those pr ...
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Share What is "domain clarity"?
2015-11-26 06:54
Meetings parametrized by Robert's Rules have a meta-meeting at the beginning. During the meta-meeting, we discuss changes to and acceptance of the meeting agenda. An example of domain clarification is also found in financial management during the project evaluation phase while managers consider a possible project's real potential for adding value in the future without causing the host entities to be always bereft of the present living only for a pipe dream, or worse, losing everything ...
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Share China Daily Gathering 7 June 2015, How to Learn a Language
2015-6-23 15:24
We enjoyed our gathering and had an interesting exchange about the challenges we experience when learning languages, and our solutions. Many of the obviously good language learning habits, we simply took for granted in our conversation. For example, maybe none of us mentioned the importance of keeping our bodies on routine support, the significance of linking auditory and visual practice by reading aloud, and the necessity of rejecting interruptions and multi-tasking while learning. An ...
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Share English as a Foreign Language
2015-4-27 11:53
Every metric space is a Hausdorff space, the proof of which is normally left as an exercise for the student. Why bother? We want to converse senbsibly about metric spaces since optimized metrics are part of the solution to the global resource distribution problem, since that problem is solved in part by optimized metrics in fleet management applied to resources and labour pools. Since we know a massive part of the problem is solved by optimizing metrics, we can start having the conver ...
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Share Ancient Western Culture
2015-4-1 21:05
Inspired by Socrates liked playing tricks on his naive and trusting students, which builds into some of us a defense mechanism against initiating a short term project -- such as Aesop's Fables mp3 recordings for new readers -- since the tricks were designed to hold us down at our limit infimum. Fear of being hunted and dragged back down can stop some of us from setting aside a few days to a few weeks to develop a lite ...
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Share Shenzhen Airport
2015-3-11 11:27
I really enjoy being in Shenzhen Airport. The first time I was in Shenzhen Airport with enough time to relax, I felt captivated by this pretty pattern in the floor, The hexagonal lights with straighedge shadows are an effect from the holes in the ceiling reflected in the floor. So one day, I decided to spend very much of a day in the airport walking around, thinking about space, and taking photos. Here is the view from Starbucks. Notice we see light from the ...
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Share Introducing Beijing, China -- a seldom observed side.
2014-6-13 17:30
A bridge in the Summer Palace, Thousands of years ago, some bankers felt confused by the difference between the Empty Set and Zero since both were relatively new ideas and it was unclear which one to put into arithmetic in the future. Arithmetic was being attempted without Zero and without the Empty Set, whence the global system error being corrected in the globally integrated banking system modulated in English through newspaper and government reports. I teach English in Beijing, Ch ...
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Share Be appealing to people, sometimes.
2014-4-23 16:48
Luxury items are not for everyone. If you qualify as one of the select few, some distinguished classics may be seen. -- standard advertising People of the Philippines, I have returned! The hour of your redemption is here! Rally to me! -- General Douglas MacArthur All I was doing was appealing for an endorsement, not suggesting you endorse it. -- George W. Bush My most frequently used apps have to get the job done quickly, must work, be nice and plain, and be wi ...
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Share Ambiguous Oil Search Discovers No Clean Fuel
2014-4-14 15:58
George said that he was interviewing for a job drilling oil wells in the supervisory's office. We can only conclude that the supervisor must have an awfully dirty office. Simple Level The conclusion of limited scope depends on the wrong interpretation of what George was doing in the supervisor's office during the interview for a job in the oil industry. We guess George did not give a demonstration of drilling for oil, during the interview in the supervisor's office. ...
Personal category: Logic Test Preparation|2191 views|3 comments Popularity 2
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  • Education Methods 2020-1-7 20:25

    Then, IF you are the Secretary General of the United Nations, how do you tell the young students of the world what is going on in our world and, how to do is the right way

  • Education Methods 2020-1-5 01:54

    snowipine: Punishment strictly following the rules is always the last resort , usually we don't this way, but if here is no other wayout, how to do ?  I guess.
    Thanks for your comment, Snowpine. In schools and in prisons, we shouldn't feel trapped into punishments as persuasion or as motivation. We should be able to use rewards systems. What inspired my blog entry is thinking about the failed terrorist reform efforts, like Gitmo, and why they fail. Negativity doesn't cause improvements and secrecy just makes it worse, but rewards systems may work. It's unclear though since terrorists are different from students and normal prisoners.

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