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Student: Even though we are facing the serious problem of having accelerated the Holocene extinction, we can't put all our budget into this problem.

Me: I agree, although environmental extinction is a direct threat to any national continuity, we certainly do need to continue investing in transportation, education, police, and other parts of the wealth redistribution and infrastructure that governments provide. Also, nations are looking to make a profit by producing something. 

Student: Actually, the countries in the world are competing in various fields.

Lost in Translation: 
- In case you didn't know, you interrupted our agenda by trying to save our lives, and we told you to go away.
- We were busy competing in any field when you interrupted us with your call to re-nourish our home environment. 
- Although we were interrupted by your request to guard Earth, we talked about it for 16 years and decided to ignore you. 

Student: Space exploration is a particularly important area, because such technology could become a useful weapon.

Lost in Translation:
- We must have top down control and we must play God and we must colonize, so silence any objections. 
- We colonized Africa and NA, everybody hates us for having done so, so now we need to continue colonizing because taking it for free at cost to victims is all we know how to do, because we never learned productivity. 
- We're so lazy we can't invent anything by curiosity or pragmatism here on Earth. For example, we have never heard of porcelain. 

Student: For example, communication satellites provide location information.

Me: So? Communication satellites aren't synonymous with space exploration: "For example, not an example, just saaayy! hehehe."  However, Earth needs to keep Earth's hydrogen.
Our great communication satellites give us convenient information transfer here on Earth. 
Our fantastic communication satellites broadcast our location and resources to anyone in space and a supply of living souls is so rare, it's a treasure to hide from space. We can have communication satellites without going to the moon. For example, mining Jupiter could be an awesome idea in that universe that has no consequences.

Student: Beyond just making communication satellites, space development makes more development of weapons, but no pragmatic tools, and everyone knows the only reason to have weapons is to show other countries their strength, to make other countries feel scared.

Me: The development of development is redundant. 

Student: Insofar as other countries are keeping to exploration, US also needs to develop further in something I can't specify, so l am convinced that space development is indispensable regardless of the cost.

Me: English readers love specific details instead of vague pronouns or other replacements. When writing in English, your reader is always thirsty for details, and never remembers the question to which you are responding, nor the previous sentence. Also, I have to say that I agree with you that U.S. needs to develop in something I can't specify. 

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