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Introducing Beijing, China -- a seldom observed side.

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A bridge in the Summer Palace,

Thousands of years ago, some bankers felt confused by the difference between the Empty Set and Zero since both were relatively new ideas and it was unclear which one to put into arithmetic in the future. Arithmetic was being attempted without Zero and without the Empty Set, whence the global system error being corrected in the globally integrated banking system [the limit supremum of the central banks] modulated in English through newspaper and government reports. I teach English in Beijing, China. 


Aristotle made some mistakes in logic maybe due to having felt unhappy, thus we might start making next generation technology in China primarily from within Beijing simply by correcting the mistakes in binary logic. Mathematized Business has the market interface happening in Reliable Logic. I mathematize business continuously since 1990. Thus, Persuasive Logic [the name of mathematized business between market sectors] may be from Beijing, China. 


For example, one of the specific tangible results we may let happen together is deploying a Customer Relations Management database design through Baidu for optimal data collection for marketing, engineering and account management. 

Beijing and I are mutually select since February 2013, iteratively increasing health through changing communication styles with changing trends. Sun Yat Sen, whose statue is in Zhongshan Park in Beijing, is among the many teachers who lets the people know, when it happens, it happens in relations. Each photo shows its thousand word quota in the home Beijing has given me. 

Beijing is home to many migrants and has history to share. Recently the Municipal Archives Administration of Beijing hosted photograph restoration and folk art appreciation activities. 

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    Then, IF you are the Secretary General of the United Nations, how do you tell the young students of the world what is going on in our world and, how to do is the right way

  • Education Methods 2020-1-5 01:54

    snowipine: Punishment strictly following the rules is always the last resort , usually we don't this way, but if here is no other wayout, how to do ?  I guess.
    Thanks for your comment, Snowpine. In schools and in prisons, we shouldn't feel trapped into punishments as persuasion or as motivation. We should be able to use rewards systems. What inspired my blog entry is thinking about the failed terrorist reform efforts, like Gitmo, and why they fail. Negativity doesn't cause improvements and secrecy just makes it worse, but rewards systems may work. It's unclear though since terrorists are different from students and normal prisoners.

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