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Ambiguous Oil Search Discovers No Clean Fuel

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George said that he was interviewing for a job drilling oil wells in the supervisory's office. We can only conclude that the supervisor must have an awfully dirty office. 

Simple Level

The conclusion of limited scope depends on the wrong interpretation of what George was doing in the supervisor's office during the interview for a job in the oil industry. We guess George did not give a demonstration of drilling for oil, during the interview in the supervisor's office. 

Intermediate Level

The conclusion is of excessively limited scope since in the present era anyone applying for a job description pertaining to obtaining oil has to show competence in the ability to drill, yet also in the ability to frack for oil, and furthermore, might demonstrate refinement techniques. An oil company hiring applicants to drill for oil does not want to hire the least skills to specialize in the most boring job available, rather, wants to hire versatile employees whose skills might be naturally appreciated within the organization, which usually increases employer-employee loyalty typically expressed in promotion sequences. Maybe the supervisor does not have a dirty office since George, being a good job applicant, may have cleaned the office after demonstrating how to drill for oil during the interview. 

On the other hand, maybe the statement about George's interview has some misleading ambiguities. Maybe George reported he was in the supervisor's office to interview for the open position in the Drilling for Oil branch of the company. 

Advanced Level

Admittedly, drilling for oil does harm the local environment, and fracking for oil does, too. The purpose of environmental protection motivates us to develop clean fuel technologies, especially cost-effective photo-voltaic cells and environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries. We can have solar panels on vehicular rooftops. These are merely a few ideas which leap to mind thus the assertion that the only interpretation is that the supervisor's office must be dirty chafes due to limited scope. We trust George to report George's activity accurately, thus we see George was interviewing for a job procuring fuel, IE energy, and the interview happened in the supervisor's office.  


A Concise Introduction to Logic by Patrick Hurley, page 165.

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Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-4-14 21:52
Humorous level: If George gets the job: Oil's well that ends well!  
Reply Report J.E.Overington 2014-4-15 08:55
ColinSpeakman: Humorous level: If George gets the job: Oil's well that ends well!   
Thanks. I don't dare joke yet. The related (in the background) investigation is still happening and jocular Red Herrings confused some investigators who recently, related to oil, lit a real world variant of Wyatt's Torch [inspired by Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged].
Reply Report voice_cd 2014-4-15 09:38
Thanks for your story here, we have highlighted it on homepage.

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