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2014-6-14 00:22
We know the rules and we are both pedantic: Today’s the day we have to be romantic... Our love is old and sure, not new and frantic... You know I’m yours and I know you are mine... And saying that has made me feel romantic, let me be your electric meter.. I will not run out.. let me be the electric heater you get cold without.. I loved you first: but afterwards your love Out-soaring mine, sang such a loftier song.. As drowned the friendly cooing of my dove... i carry your heart with me (i ...
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2014-4-10 23:41
11 APRIL 2010 At about 8 pm that day, sitting in the dark, i did the most important thing in my life. I proposed to her, to my girlfriend/fiancee and with GOD's blessing my future wife. She took about 5 minutes to reply me but my G ...
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2014-4-4 00:39
2 years already. Such a long time since am in china and more important far from RAEESAH.. The one and only girl that i had love, is loving and will always do.. Now with proud i can say yes i did it and is still doing it.. despite the distance between us.. despite that i meet her just 2 months per year i still love her... am still faithful and still care for her and even more... I know that the odds were against us to stay together but we worked it together... her faith in me, her patience and th ...
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      • TRUE LOVE WILL LIVE FOREVER 2014-4-11 09:58

        Exactly we are not married yet, we are just 21 years old and she's studying in my country so for these reasons we just meet when i go back for summer holiday. Sorry for the colors i'll use it more carefully next time...

      • TRUE LOVE WILL LIVE FOREVER 2014-4-11 09:12

        A lovely story. I have to ask why now your beloved wife cannot join you in China?  I just mention also that the use of multi-colors in your blog is good up to a point, but some colors are harder to read and even hurt the eyes a bit. The green does not come across well on the equipment I am reading it on. Be colorful but not quite so colorful if possible

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