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Far from the eyes, close to the heart

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2 years already. Such a long time since am in china and more important far from RAEESAH.. The one and only girl that i had love, is loving and will always do.. Now with proud i can say yes i did it and is still doing it.. despite the distance between us.. despite that i meet her just 2 months per year i still love her... am still faithful and still care for her and even more... I know that the odds were against us to stay together but we worked it together... her faith in me, her patience and the courage that she gave me have helped me to succeed in a country like china... Everyday i thant the lord almighty for having introduce me to her... for having make me love her and for having blessed our love...

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Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-4-4 09:20
Distance cannot diminish true love. I will post that next China love story soon. Enough posts for today though!
Reply Report tahir.sak 2014-4-4 09:49

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  • TRUE LOVE WILL LIVE FOREVER 2014-4-11 09:58

    Exactly we are not married yet, we are just 21 years old and she's studying in my country so for these reasons we just meet when i go back for summer holiday. Sorry for the colors i'll use it more carefully next time...

  • TRUE LOVE WILL LIVE FOREVER 2014-4-11 09:12

    A lovely story. I have to ask why now your beloved wife cannot join you in China?  I just mention also that the use of multi-colors in your blog is good up to a point, but some colors are harder to read and even hurt the eyes a bit. The green does not come across well on the equipment I am reading it on. Be colorful but not quite so colorful if possible

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