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Invest in you yourself

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My classmate, S, is a big fan of Korean stars, especially EXO. Yesterday, she sit through the class and then rushed to the station to go to Shanghai to see another concert of EXO. You can see from this that she is very persistent and insane. Almost all of her clothes are wrriten the sigh of EXO, and the posts above her bed are of handsome guys. She can recite all the details connected with these stars passionately. Amazing, ha!
The only excuse to do this is YOUTH. It seems that we youngsters should and have to do something crazy, even which turns out wrong deed and leads to miserable result. I bet that we know before we decide to do it. In this age, we are too eager to be the eccentric instead of ordinary youngsters. We are so afraid of being this kind of geek who are obedient to normal track of life. We want to take a bush at adventurous things and never turn back even knocking into the wall. The definition of youth is try although our bodies have been black and blue.
I was wondering is she on the way to both the perk and trough of her youth? In her heart, does she really know what is going on and what should be really down? To me, I also lead an obscure life, I do not know where to go as well.
However, I think the emergency thing to do is to invest in one's own, but not waste time on who is dating who, or going after these guys we can not reach. I really want to tell her that wake up and be ready to pursue real dream that can be seen.  I admit that, to some extent, these stars can give us an illusion to look forward to our golden years and give us a glimmer of hope.
Always remember: avoid idol worship, invest in you yourself, period.

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  • Can girls take the initiative to chase boys 2017-3-24 20:38

    It is a change that most females want but not able to do so. You are courageous to face it yourself but not alone. Just that your similar counterparts are not nearby you. One distinctive aspect is that you gave your opinion loud and clear, while your classmates surpressed theirs. Perhaps, even the males did. It was not something that your western sisters were bequeathed upon since birth. They struggled for equality. Finally, they reached and received it with pride.

  • There is a four letter word called----EXAM 2017-1-18 11:44

    Student life is good life without Examination!

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