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There is a four letter word called----EXAM

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       If the last blog is just some skills I want to share, this one I must tell you something hidden in my heart about almost thousands of exams I've taken. When you see my former one, you may conclude that this girl enjoys the damn exam madly. Indeed, please wait, here is real emotion bursting out from my hearts of heart.
     Obviously,  I can not bracket this four letter word with love together. This decade years, I have tried my best to love it, but in contrary, I don't have a crush on it once, even worse, somehow, I am afraid of it. I fear that the low grades would humiliate me before class. I worry that my parents would compare my poor grades with the neighbourhood kids'. What's worse, I am strongly instilled that the cold numbers have some connection with my future, to some degree.
     When taking a course, the first thing we are concerned is that how the exam goes, what content the exam involves, and what percentage of exam occupies. Here, maybe you also perceive an atmosphere of utilitarianism among the innocent students. To this point, not only does the exam isolate us from real learning, but also it brings us far away from knowledge sharing. Who cares the learning process?
    Unfortunately, if you get low grades, your teachers and classmates may see you in different light. However, in contrary, some high grades students always get an extra care from the surroundings. What's wrong with our education? I strongly believe that the students who sit in the last row are not bad atudents. What a ridiculous thing it is! We should have this boundary line that some are good, some are not. The only criteria is the numbers. Can you bear it? This kind judgment will impose a far-reaching impact on students, some of them are arrogance, some inferior.
     Anyway, I can not shout out that acquring knowledge is just for pleasure, because I am from the secular world, so do you. Nevertheless, can we observe students without colored lens? The so-called bad students have their own oyster. The fellows laugh at them only because they do not know what the pythagorean power is. How dare you! We must remember there are many colors in this world not only white and black. If only two colors, the world is going to be tedious.
   The most sarcastic thing is that our psychology is worse than before. We are not brave enough to take a challenge, even believe in ourselves. What's more, we have no enthusiasm to debate with our teachers about the correct answer. We are habited to this cramming teaching.
   I just wish the exam will leave a good impression on the future generatioins.
   At least it is also the four letter word just as love. 

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Student life is good life without Examination!

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  • Can girls take the initiative to chase boys 2017-3-24 20:38

    It is a change that most females want but not able to do so. You are courageous to face it yourself but not alone. Just that your similar counterparts are not nearby you. One distinctive aspect is that you gave your opinion loud and clear, while your classmates surpressed theirs. Perhaps, even the males did. It was not something that your western sisters were bequeathed upon since birth. They struggled for equality. Finally, they reached and received it with pride.

  • There is a four letter word called----EXAM 2017-1-18 11:44

    Student life is good life without Examination!

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