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Share I am looking for internships
Hannah.E 2015-7-31 13:46
Well, when you see this title, please do not misunderstand it as a job searching notice, I wish you could actually. LOL. I have been scanning many job-hunting websites for almost half months in Shanghai, but guess what, no satisfying results yet. "I am looking for internships" is my everyday reply to my friends. What's wrong with us, the graduating students? I strongly believe I can labor hard as every work man does, undoubtedly . Then, I have a bachelor degree, of course eveyone does. ...
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Share Will the phone kill writing letter
Hannah.E 2014-10-31 21:22
It is undeniable that with the development of technology, phone plays a much more important role in people's life. By contrast, writing letter tends to fade out in our daily life, especially among the young generation. In this information age, there are many communication tools for you to choose, such as micro letter, Fetion and Facebook, the list goes on. It is very convenient, fast-oriented and fashionable. All you need is move your fingers on the keyboard, ...
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Share What I have learned from the blog
Hannah.E 2014-7-28 13:08
ThepurposeofthispostistoencouragemoreChinesewhoareeagerforimprovingEnglish,makingfriends,andsharingopinionstojoininthisforum. ImprovingEnglish IhavetosaythisforumisagoodplatformforyoutobeclosetoEnglish ...
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Share There is a four letter word called----EXAM
Hannah.E 2014-7-21 15:21
If the last blog is just some skills I want to share, this one I must tell you something hidden in my heart about almost thousands of exams I've taken. When you see my former one, you may conclude that this girl enjoys the damn exam madly. Indeed, please wait, here is real emotion bursting out from my hearts of heart. Obviously, I can not bracket this four letter word with love together. This decade years, I have tried my be ...
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Share The final exam in university
Hannah.E 2014-7-18 17:11
when it comes to exam, chinese students have mixed feelings. Even tothe top students, they also havea little bittext anxiety. Unlike the frequent texts, and the cruel remark list hanging on the one side of blackboard in high school, the exam in university seems like a piece of cake, the precondition is that you work madlyhard for the final in the last half month. Afterfifteen days exam orientation, Ido have a lot of things&nb ...
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Share What I have learned from simulated business negotiation
Hannah.E 2014-6-15 23:07
What I have learned from simulated business negotiation
In thissemester,Itakeacourseinbusinessnegotiation, herearesome photosandexperienceIwanttosharewithyouguys.ThethinggoesthatweareonbehalfofthefamousflowercompanyinHollandandwanttoexploitanddeveloptheChinesemarket(&nbs ...
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Share Youth
Hannah.E 2014-6-4 23:19
Whenyouheartheword “ Youth ” ,youmightfirstthinkofthebeauty,freedomandpossibility. Actuallyitis.Youthisjustlikeapicture,wearenowthepainters. Itisnodoubtthatyouthisbeautiful.Itisjustlikethedarlingbudsofmay. ...
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Share How do we deal with classics
Hannah.E 2014-6-3 22:05
Whenitcomestoclassics,manypeople,especiallytheyounggeneration,maycomeupwitha rangeofattitudes,ontheonehand,itistooold,timeworn,andoutdated,ontheotherhand, somewhatnoble,lofty,andhighbrow,whichnaturallyleadstotwoextremegroups--- one holds&nb ...
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Share what is success
Hannah.E 2014-5-29 16:36
“ Iwanttobeasuccessor ” alittlegirlsaidtomenaively.Undoubtedly,everyoneinthisworldwantstobesuccessfulevenanewbornchild.Butwhatissuccess?Inmypointofview,successisthatyourealizeyourvaluefullyasanoneandonl ...
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Share To be a language artist
Hannah.E 2014-5-28 17:37
Whatislanguage?Languageisacommunicationtool,agiftthegodpresentstocommonpeopletoexpresstheirideas,whichplaysastrictlyutilitarianroleinourworkanddailylife.So,ababystrugglestograspitinordertobegmorecandies.Aspeakerpo ...
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