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To spending the Aug 31 as a festival

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       Yesterday night I was reminded that It had been the Aug 30, there was only one day for the month. It would be over for Aug. the time was always quickly, I wanted to remember some things to mark the Aug, but I thought carefully, it seemed that I could think nothing. So , suddenly I wanted to spend the Aug 31 as a festival. It is a strange thought, but I want to spend according to my thoughts.

       Today is Aug 31, also Saturday. But because of the work, I have to work overtime for the office.This morning I got up at 6:30 o’clock. After a washing, I applied lipstick like the festival in my inner.I wanted to watch all things that I haven’t cared at ordinary times. When I was the road for the office, I looked these things that I was passing. I also considered many things include the life.

       When I arrived at the company, I bought the favorite breakfast. I read the favorite book that it made me feel excited. I didn’t want to put down it and work. Then I spent the all morning to read the book. I wanted to make myself happy, because it was the festival for me. About the work, I thought I could finish before tonight.

       After the lunch, the colleague had these photographs for me, it recorded my status for today on the Aug 31. Though they aren’t so perfect, I still like them very much. Thank my colleague for these photographs. The afternoon I did my work with happiness mood. I want it still needs some time in the evening to finish my all work about today. I am going to visit my parents off duty.

       before today will be over, I will also write a detailed blog for chinese to record the life for today. The english blog is simply, I have no too much time to write today. Maybe it will be continued next time.

      The time passes quickly, I have often no feeling, It has spent for a month. The blog can’t been updated in time. I will often remind myself next month to update the English blog. I will also look for more significant things to record and share.

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Reply Report SEARU 2019-9-2 20:46
I have offered you a red flower for your personal festival! Bloging has become one part of life for both of us! I want to note down the instant shining ideas striking the head as time flows. That is meaningful job.
Reply Report ephil_cn 2019-9-3 09:25
SEARU: I have offered you a red flower for your personal festival! Bloging has become one part of life for both of us! I want to note down the instant shinin ...
at first, thank you for your flower . i agree with you , we insist in our record about life  by  blog.

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  • Learning to enjoy ourselves 2019-12-13 11:53

    You don't know how, it is fine, you do not realize there is air for you to breathe, that is fine, and one day when you notice you need air so much, then it is the end of your life coming.

  • Learning to enjoy ourselves 2019-12-12 09:13

    SEARU: Yes, good blog should reflect our own personal thinking and feeling. Only in this way, we can move more reader friends.
    than k you!

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