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       I haven’t reading a whole book for a long time, it also makes me feel anxious constantly. Last Sunday I had finally two hours to read a book quietly, when I completed the plan of reading I felt I was so relaxed and happy. I hadn’t had so experience for almost three months.

       When I put down the book I didn’t remember all content, but when I was reading, I was happy and thinking. I think it is the harvest to read. When I talked about the read, some people told me that they forgot the content when they had read the book, this made them not to read again.

       I told them that reading is the same with eating to read, you eat every day, the food will not always save in the body, it will be digested and excreted the body, but these foods make the body grow up and life get keep. Reading is also so as the eating. You must not remember all contents you have read. But when you insisted in reading every day, your thought will be changed by the book that you have read. It will also reflect in your face and your thought.

       Reading is a process for long time, it can’t reflect the result obviously by one book except for the book of technology. To choose the book is also very important, the good book will help us to grow up better as the good foods give us the nutrition for body.

       To make the reading became the habit of live, you will find the good result after you have read for a long time.

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  • Learning to enjoy ourselves 2019-12-13 11:53

    You don't know how, it is fine, you do not realize there is air for you to breathe, that is fine, and one day when you notice you need air so much, then it is the end of your life coming.

  • Learning to enjoy ourselves 2019-12-12 09:13

    SEARU: Yes, good blog should reflect our own personal thinking and feeling. Only in this way, we can move more reader friends.
    than k you!

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