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        • 3.25.2014 2014-8-24 21:19

          can i write diary everyday in here?  does the publisher master delete my content.?
          i want to left my diary at chinadaily blog. don't i?

        • 3.25.2014 2014-5-3 09:15

          i had read a book recenly, i thought it is meaningful for my life of future. i should summary the rough content for below.
          1, you should changde your schedule if you always complain your recnetly life. it is time to make to change.
          2, keep doing what  you't like to do.  it is a good way for keep vivide life.
          3, stay away from your cellphone if you usually using cellphone all day.   spend many time with device than communicate with  people is a bad things
          4, healthly diet and do sport is so important.
          5, keeping sufficent sleeps can make you better.
          6, don't waste the life with personal whose just pull you down. just make friend whose let me up from the valley.
          7, keeping a youthly heart and thanks god and family.

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