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Share Where is happiness?
Catherine2021 2015-6-4 09:19
Everyone hopes to get happiness. But where is it? I always ask the same question. Sometimes I feel puzzeled. Sometimes I seem to find out the answer. In fact, happiness is not far, it's in my heart. Once when I was tired after work, I thought I would be happy if I were retired. Where I was working with my colleagues, we were discussing something .Finally we could agree with each other. At that time, I found happiness was around and also in my heart. Try to touch the life around me, an ...
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Share A Hope
Catherine2021 2014-5-29 11:52
When a person is in trouble, he should keep a hope in his heart. A friend of mine had a truck accident ten years ago. She hasn't been able to stand up since then on. Unluckily ,her husband and her son have never looked after her after the accident. Instead, they sent her to a nursing home. At first she felt sad. Later, she tried to cheer up and forget all the unhappy things. Now she does her best to help some children with their English. In 2010, the World Expo was held in Shanghai. I too ...
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Share The Sun is Shining
Catherine2021 2014-5-20 13:54
The sun is shining after a few days' rain. The day is very bright. The sky is so blue. In my heart there is still the sun. He always leads me ahead, and gives warmness. I will followhim forever.
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Share Are you happy?
Catherine2021 2014-5-13 14:11
When someone askes me," Are you happy?" I think for a while then answer," Yes, I am." After working, I feel happy. Seeing flowers and trees, I am happy. When the sun is shining, I feel warm and happy. We say hello to each other, I am happy. Having nice food, I become happy. Talking with friends, I feel excited. ..... I am really happy. How about you?
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Share My mother,you are in my heart
Catherine2021 2014-5-7 13:10
My mother passed away at the age of 53in 1998. But she alwayslivesin myheart. I can not help thinking of my mother. She was very beautiful when she was a young mother.She was good at music and could played some instruments very well. When I was at five years old, she taught me to play the hamonium. At the beginning ,I was interested in it, but later I felt tired and I thought it was so boring. I told my mother I would rather ...
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Share My son, I hope you will be better as soon as possible
Catherine2021 2014-4-24 09:11
My son, it was the first time for you to fall in love with a girl, but you failed. It was the first time for you to work happily, but it was over so quickly. When your heart was full of future and hope, you was hurt heavily. What can I do for you? Time is good medicine. I hope you can stand up with confidence. Don't be disappointed.
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Share Love your family with no regrets
Catherine2021 2014-4-21 07:54
In a family you give a simle , cut an apple, bring a cup of tea and so on, which can express your true heart and love. Although you do it every day and your family enjoy your love, you have no reason to be angry. Love your family with no regrets.
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Share Beautiful Flowers
Catherine2021 2014-4-9 11:30
Beautiful  Flowers
The weather is warmer and warmer, and you can see many different flowers here and there. Flowers not only bring us nice view but alsowonderful feelings. When we see them, we can feel the beautiful world. Although each life has its end, it still has its own glory.
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Share Hello
Catherine2021 2014-3-20 17:09
Hello Everyone, I am very glad to be here to make friends with you. And I hope to learn from you. Thanks. Catherine
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