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Share So You Want to Learn Mandarin Chinese?
jsylam 2015-11-9 11:35
Hello again China Daily Blog! So much has happened since my last post here when I was a language student in Shanghai. After I returned back home to Canada after a semester of study, I went abroad to Brazil, finished my undergraduate degree and had another chance to study in Beijing this summer! Recently, I had been thinking of blogging again and have created a new blog under Blogger. This blogging platform is not accessible in China as it runs under Google. So I will post all my China ...
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Share Revisiting a city
jsylam 2014-5-31 10:45
If you have an opportunity to visit a city more than once, would you visit the same places? If you were to visit Beijing again, would you want to visit the Forbidden city, the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace, the Great Wall of China, Tianmen Square? If you were to visit Shanghai again, would you revisit the Bund, the Oriental Pearl tower? Sometimes, some places are worth revisiting. Maybe they left a lasting impression that left you thinking about that place. If you were t ...
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Share Travelling in China, the student way
jsylam 2014-5-30 14:55
During the past few months I have been here in China as a student, I've had the opportunity to visit a few places. It is a wonderful opportunity as I get a chance to study Chinese and then use it pratically during my travels. Currently I am in Bejing, sitting in a hostel at this very moment as I struggle to finish two more blogs for this month. Travelling as 20- something year old students with like- minded individuals can lead to many adventures, especially spontaneous ones. Vagu ...
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Share Crossing the street in China; it’s like real life “Frogger”
jsylam 2014-5-26 14:30
Crossing the street in China; it’s like real life “Frogger”
Your heart is pounding, the adrenaline is kicking in, your eyes shift left and right, left, right, left, right, shoulder check. The green “walk” sign is on, and you have 30 seconds to do the deed; you’re about to cross the street at a busy intersection in China. I’m sure most of you guys know the video game “Frogger”, it’s this old-schooled video game where you play the role of a frog and you leap across the road while dodging cars and trucks, trying to reach the o ...
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Share The best way to learn Chinese
jsylam 2014-5-22 16:38
Learning Chinese is not all about the books, the dictation, and the interactions in class between teacher and students. In fact, most of the vocabulary, pronunciation and sentence structure I’ve learned during the past 3 months I’ve been here in Shanghai, have been through interaction amongst friends or strangers and reading billboards and signs. In this blog post, I will briefly touch base on some of the ways to learn Chinese. 1) Having a conversation in Chinese (of course) ...
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Share Shocked, but not shocked; China’s suburban development
jsylam 2014-4-28 15:28
Shocked, but not shocked; China’s suburban development
As mentioned previously in my blog “Take a Deep Breath”, my university program arranged a two day field trip to see China’s “countryside” which included a trip to Tong Lu County. I have never heard of Tong Lu and initially, I was excited for a change of scenery contrary to Shanghai’s metropolis environment. I have only been to China’s major cities and have never quite ventured out far into counties or villages. Filled with naïve thoughts of peasants, farmers and quaint little stre ...
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Share Exploring Herbal Teas and Traditional Chinese Medicine
jsylam 2014-4-23 13:33
Exploring Herbal Teas and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Before coming to Shanghai, I've never cared much for Traditional Chinese Medicine. Previous experiences have included acupuncture and medicine in my hometown for my sensitive skin or drinking medicinal soup my mother makes. I’ve passed by Chinese medicine shops in Richmond (a Chinese populated region in Vancouver, Canada), but never really had much interest in what they do or what they are for. The various types of ingredients and their weird looking appearances are enough to intimidate ...
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Share I know why foreigners are weird
jsylam 2014-4-21 15:55
I know why foreigners are weird
I’ve often wondered why the Chinese like to stare at us. Maybe it’s because we look different, dress different. However, in addition to our differences in appearance, based on personal observations, I here will discuss some other reasons why the Chinese think we’re weird. 1) We’re really loud and obnoxious We travel in large packs, laugh and talk loudly. On the subway, in taxis, we don’t stop talking, and we do it loudly. The Chinese have a quiet conversation ...
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Share Take a deep breath
jsylam 2014-4-19 10:59
I miss taking a deep breath of fresh crisp air; air that is easy to breathe in, air that feels nourishing. I miss the fresh green smells of a forest, a clear stream, or the ocean breeze. I miss being able to go outside for a workout, let it be yoga, or a run or a hike, and come back feeling refreshed, feeling alert with fresh oxygen flowing in my body, my brain. I miss not having to worry about the pollution levels when going out for exercise or day to day activities; it’s a ...
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Share The Chinese are fit
jsylam 2014-3-31 14:39
The Chinese are fit
Referencing back to my previous post about expensive gyms, I've come to the realization that people who went to these kinds of gyms were typically expats, or at least the two gyms that I went to were. With the membership prices so high, even in my Canadian standards, a looming question started to build in my mind; how DO the Chinese stay fit? In this post, I will touch base on this topic based on personal observations. Chinese workers are strong, have good endurance and endless tolerance L ...
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