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MY STORY: How I was attacked while sleeping

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I Thank my star, I am very happy for being alive now because I love life...
Two heavily armed men attacked me at about 2.30 a.m. this morning, they came into my room while I was sleeping like a gentle lamb.

I heard their sound as they marched into my room to attack me;  I got up and two things came to my mind, first was to attack and the second was to call 110 for rescue ,but I remembered some boxing skills I learnt at School...and suddenly one of them attacked me, I had no choice but to defend myself with some Karate combo skills ; The second one also flew at me and I couldn't believe what was happening to me.

Meanwhile, my neighbors including my Landlady (ayi) heard the chaotic sound that was emerging from my room and were wondering what was wrong, I eventually hit the second one too;  my hands were stained with blood. They lay still so I was wondering if they were still alive , but when I looked at them on the floor, I found out one was still moving, I struck again and this time I hit harder in anger.

That was how I killed the two giant Mosquitoes attempting to suck my expensive blood. It's summer season, please protect yourself from Mosquitoes bites and enjoy a wonderful season of natural heat.

I remain loyal and GIDIGBA ( STRONG), 
Peace to you all, 
Hon.(Ambassador) OBJCHINA.

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Reply Report uniqueme 2014-6-4 22:24
you said really ? are you ok now ?
Reply Report objchina 2014-6-4 22:39
uniqueme: you said really ? are you ok now ?
of course yes
Reply Report objchina 2014-6-4 22:42
Maierwei:      Stop it!
okay, I stop now
Reply Report objchina 2014-6-5 21:08
Maierwei: HAHAHAHA
This is mosquito science...... impossible to master!

The ones at my place might've been domesticated... But the ones which attack me outside ...
Some of the mosquitoes kingdom official came last night for a serious peace talk which ended without any agreement.
Reply Report beckris 2014-6-7 11:26
An interesting story.
Reply Report objchina 2014-6-7 13:18
beckris: An interesting story.

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