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Share Top 5 Essential Smartphone apps for living in China
2014-4-20 00:20
Top 5 Essential Smartphone apps for living in China
Moving around while in China is the very difficult for newbie’ especially for those who can’t speak Chinese Language. Smartphone and Smartphone apps can be solution somehow for making your life easier. In China use of Smartphone is rising each passing day and same is the trend with use of apps. Companies and individuals are putting more efforts in developing apps for use daily life use. Smartphone apps make life easier and comfortable specially while living in China. I always kee ...
Personal category: Technology|30275 views|11 comments Popularity 7
Share Top 10 Complaints of Chinese Girlfriend from Foreigner Boyfriends
2014-4-13 23:33
Having Chinese girlfriend as foreigner you can face some complaints in daily life. This is mostly due to difference of culture, traditions and norms followed around China. Another reason is lack of understanding as what is acceptable or wanted behaviour for a foreigner guy. List of Top Ten complaints Chinese Girlfriends often has are following. You don’t carry my handbag Most of the foreigner boyfriends ...
Personal category: Society|15668 views|38 comments Popularity 28
Share Internet Security Alert - Heartbleed Bug guide for internet users
2014-4-13 00:31
Internet Security Alert - Heartbleed Bug guide for internet users
Security researchers found a huge loop hole in web surfing key features. This feature keeps your passwords, emails, online banking information and other communication private. This internet bug retrieves all you information and allows hackers to get access to your private data. This bug is known as Heartbleed Bug . This bug doesn't only affect your website but also various devices such as routers, switches, servers, video cameras and phones. What is Heartbleed Bug? Heartbleed b ...
Personal category: Technology|3628 views|0 comments
Share Qingming Festival of China
2014-4-4 00:37
Qingming Festival is a very traditional Chinese festival and remarkable because of its meaning and activities. This festival is about remembering and honouring ancestors in grave yards. People visit tombs, graves with family to clean the grave site and pay time in remembrance. “Share more information about Qingming in comment section” I came to know about this holiday this morning when I received a message with announcement of holiday for Monday, so this year Qingming ...
Personal category: Society|2445 views|6 comments Popularity 6
Share China is amazing - Definition of Time
2014-4-3 23:03
Concepts are amazing in China just like any other thing, here I will talk about the Chinese attitude towards time. Time is not about the punctuality but it’s about the time span passed in years. Chinese attitude towards time surprises most of foreigners. Monuments are sculptures can be found everywhere in the world, and China is one of rich country with monuments. But there is a big difference in the monuments around the world and here in China. It is believed everywhere in the worl ...
Personal category: Society|2086 views|4 comments Popularity 5
Share China growing old every passing day
2014-4-3 22:21
According to expert’s prediction, a third of Chinese will be retired in about 20 years. There will be a large proportion of elderly population and to face this challenge China is reshaping the rules. In 20 years it will be a different world and will more likely following different rules. Danger of ageing population is everywhere but more obvious in China, this caused reduced work force in development sector. General attitude of society and social security is weak and ageing china w ...
Personal category: Society|1560 views|2 comments Popularity 1
Share 10 Ways to reduce impact of SMOG on your body
2014-3-31 20:49
China is among the most polluted countries on the globe, and SMOG is becoming part of landscapes of country. Almost all major cities are chocking on smog including Beijing the capital, causing serious health issues for residents and spoiling the landscape for tourists. Couple of days ago, SMOG raised to alarming situation and more toxic in cities including Beijing, Shanxi, Heibei, Shandong Liaoning and Henan. PM2.5 level rose to a seriously alarming level for human health in these cities. ...
Personal category: Environment|2614 views|2 comments Popularity 3
Share Rapid Growth in local social media networks in China
2014-3-30 14:38
Rapid Growth in local social media networks in China
Communication in China plays one of the most important role. That is why a relatively short time social networks have become an integral part of Chinese society. And statistical figures clearly confirm this. Roughly half of China (513 million people) use social networking sites, and all of these networks have Chinese roots. "Share your personal experience about social media in China and tell which social media your are using? I welcome your comment at the end of this post" Of course, the Ch ...
Personal category: Social Media|7305 views|20 comments Popularity 14
Share Top 5 Best Multi-taste Dishes in Beijing
2014-3-29 22:31
Food is not just for appetite in Beijing, it’s more over a culture to follow with unique taste and recipes. The first different thing I had to adopt while stepping in to Beijing as a foreigner was food. Taste is completely different and unique and sometime takes time to get use to with such food. Beijing has some dishes that are very delicious and I will recommend you to must try if you ever visit Beijing. I selected five dishes and rated them best with my own taste. Listed dishes are ea ...
Personal category: Food|4555 views|15 comments Popularity 9
Share Bonhomie I received from Chinese friends
2014-3-29 15:46
Sino-Pak friendship is considered as one of strong relation among nations on globe. General opinion of common people in Pakistan is positive, and we consider China a friend country. That was one of reason I travelled to china for my higher studies. While arriving at Beijing airport, I noticed a very polite and friendly behaviour with Pakistani passengers and continued during my long stay in china. People of China show respect whenever I introduced myself as Pakistani, I can see the smiles ...
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