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Top 5 Essential Smartphone apps for living in China

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Moving around while in China is the very difficult for newbie’ especially for those who can’t speak Chinese Language. Smartphone and Smartphone apps can be solution somehow for making your life easier. In China use of Smartphone is rising each passing day and same is the trend with use of apps. Companies and individuals are putting more efforts in developing apps for use daily life use. Smartphone apps make life easier and comfortable specially while living in China.

I always keep Smartphone in my pocket and use it more often while I am of room while in China. Being foreigner, your apps priorities will change instantly as you reach China. From Language and learning apps to social media apps everything on your phone will undergo change.  I have short listed some apps after my year of experience being in China, I hope this will help you a lot if you are in China or planning to come China. Following listed apps are easily available for all Android and IOS Smartphone, tablets, ipads etc.

If you know more useful app you can can share with in comment section on this page

List of top 5 Essential Smartphone apps for living in China

1. Translation app

I rank translation apps on top for China due to language barrier while getting around. Few people understand English and Chinese language is written and spoken. So for newbie it is very difficult to deal with this barrier, in this regards Smartphone apps provide best first hand solution for you. There are number of translation apps that you can use on your Smartphone. Most of them are free and can help you in getting around in China very easily.

2. China Air Pollution Index App

In China, pollution is major problem and causing serious health threats. You must need a updated report on pollution in order to prepare while getting out of your home. There are number of Smartphone apps that provide you update about pollution rate. You must install such apps so that you may be able to avoid any health issue in China.

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3. Subway / Metro App

Numbers of subway and metro apps are available for Smartphone that allows users to understand map and destination easily. While installing app you should be careful as you are required to install non-Chinese version if you are foreigner. If you are visiting or residing in Beijing or Shanghai you will need this app in order to understand subway routes. Local Chinese people also use this app as the subway routes are complex and hard to remember.

4. WeChat

If you are foreigner here in China then more likely WeChat will be new for you. If you have used app like whatspp then you can understand WeChat easily its almost the same app (called wéi xìn 微信 in Chinese). However, WeChat is more over a social media here in China and is used as chatting app. Features of find people nearby and moments are amazing and adding into popularity of this app around the globe. In China majority of people use WeChat so in order to connect to them you will need to use this apps.

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5. Taobao

This app is famous for online shopping in China and connects you to one of world’s largest marketplace. In China trend of online shopping in increasing and more people are using Taobao for purchasing. This site is also famous due to economical rates as compared to its competitors in China. If you are in China or planning to visit china this app may help you more in economical shopping.

Top 5 Essential Smartphone apps for living in China

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Reply Report seanboyce88 2014-4-20 19:51
for translating I use pleco, fantastic app as you can draw the character with your finger and it recognises what you drew (Even if you drew it bad) and then gives you the English meaning. Another app for language lovers I would thoroughly recommend is duolingo. Not necessary for living in China...but fun for learning western languages in your spare time. I have been brushing up my spanish with it, and it's free
Reply Report nosherwanabbasi 2014-4-20 19:53
I heard alot about pleco but not used, i use simple google translator
Reply Report voice_cd 2014-4-20 19:58
Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted your blog.
Reply Report claudeckenni 2014-4-23 14:50
In Guilin here, we have some app to call a taxi whenever and wherever we needed one. And we get 3-5 Yuan discount if we order taxi using this app. Isn't it amazing? =0
Reply Report nosherwanabbasi 2014-4-23 16:15
wow that sounds great, agree this is something worth using
Reply Report jiewei798 2014-4-25 21:32
There is one that will call a taxi for you and one to order food to your home.
Reply Report jiewei798 2014-4-25 21:33
Also, Sohu and Youku. Pleco is the best translation app in my opinion. I'm a big fan of Baidu maps app.
Reply Report lovesary 2014-8-17 17:02
Haha,  do  u  have  a  wechat
Reply Report nosherwanabbasi 2014-8-18 15:09
lovesary: Haha,  do  u  have  a  wechat
hehhee yeah i believe everyone using smartphone have wechat :p
Reply Report lovesary 2014-8-18 20:05
nosherwanabbasi: hehhee yeah i believe everyone using smartphone have wechat :p
May  I  have  ur  wechat?  Haha
Reply Report plop 2017-9-17 16:45
@lovesary can I have your wechat?

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