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Share Case Study of China Daily presented at 2014 International Conference
nosherwanabbasi 2014-4-26 20:46
The 2014 International Conference Forum held in Communication University of China (CUC) on Saturday, 26 April. Focus topic was Communication Research and Education in a Globalization Academic Community. Scholars presented their papers from various majors of communication research. One of scholar "Wu Minsu", faculty member of Journalism and Communication in CUC presented a case study of China Daily. She talked about the use of new media strategies used by China Daily. Below is the abst ...
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Share Rapid Growth in local social media networks in China
nosherwanabbasi 2014-3-30 14:38
Rapid Growth in local social media networks in China
Communication in China plays one of the most important role. That is why a relatively short time social networks have become an integral part of Chinese society. And statistical figures clearly confirm this. Roughly half of China (513 million people) use social networking sites, and all of these networks have Chinese roots. "Share your personal experience about social media in China and tell which social media your are using? I welcome your comment at the end of this post" Of course, the Ch ...
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