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Share With Truth To Speak
peakwang79 2019-12-22 16:22
With Truth To Speak
As we all know that China has been taken a key strategic target by Act of National Strategy Interest of the United State. To contain the emerging power, the great dream of rejuvenation of China, US triggered the trade war in economy between the two great power in this domain area. But following phase I scenario in economic trade discussion solution between the two countries coming up, it likely has to put aside provisionally by US in its containing method one selection . Thought the Act of Ho ...
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Share It 's not an incidental problem.
peakwang79 2019-8-25 13:01
Over the past two months chaos and violence in Hong Kong, which was seemed like an incident, but an inevitable social problem that collectively and obviously have been demonstrated an critical factor, which is not only ignored in foster patriotism education and capitalism freedom politic mind long-termed inculcated into students in their school especially high education college of Hong Kong but deeply bequeathed colonized culture that have not been changed in some institutional area since Hong ...
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Share Assistance to Tibet
peakwang79 2019-8-11 12:33
Assistance to Tibet
Proactively response to the development of national strategic planning in western region. To become a participant, contributor, and torchbearer in this sweeping momentous sustainable movement. We the common life that should have our limited life to the cause of unlimited serving for the people which is the most precious purpose. 21 October 2018, An important and significant day in my life, which I have a great honor and opportunity to assistance to Tibet . Before stepping onto the grou ...
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Share Stride out new journey, achive great new success again
peakwang79 2016-11-10 11:15
The 10th CPC committee of Henan province has been successfully inaugurated, which marked the new ideology and the new strategy of the governance of the country established by the CPC central committee headed by the General Secretary Xin jinping, and that it sparks the strong strength and blossoming the splendid light in the central region. Every carder and personnel of our company will be consciously exerted by the core spirit of General Secretary Xi jinping's speaking ...
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Share Power the line,speed up the local economy
peakwang79 2016-9-19 11:10
nbsp;In recent years, Power priority on consumed ways transforming from the former aluminium ,steel , and coal productive consumption, which were traditionally as power wasted giants attributed by industrialized economy into the fast developing humanlized convinient city-cost ways like Wanda plaza or city big entertainment convergence area and green environmentally energy consuming represented by green energy E-charged cars or any other namely mechanic equipments,homely electronic facilities,ap ...
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peakwang79 2016-3-16 10:14
We do a parent shouldn't expose your children to randomly rubbishy jump-out commercial advertisement and a considerable variety of so-called taping mental intelligent games by which your smart cell phone or i-pad provided as a pacifier as long as the children are quiet. The very danger of doing your smart cell phone lies in the fact that the children takes no initiative. He makes no choice and exercises no judgement and creativity. and We do know that your small cell phone is a great time waster ...
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Share Tomorrow, a pray of chinese
peakwang79 2014-11-21 10:42
Tomorrow, A knell of nirvana is to coming for bereavement of Chinese. It's untoward for the people whosehad lost their families. It must be a whole forlorn day ofwhine which brims with invocation of renascence for their people of kinship. It's a apposite sacrament for Chinese people whose are going to attend this obsequy. And It's also a busy day for mortician who are to making more moneyin their plied oblation and relative activities of mausoleum. Tomorrow, I'm going to prey ...
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Share Our Life Journey
peakwang79 2014-11-17 19:35
We are traveling the labyrinthine life which is a long journey. Everystop of its layover is a meaning for our everyone. someone likes a odyssey of his life and someone prefers peregrination of his life. But we are all discomfited by its friable seems vandalized process and laminating the whole life. To mutilating thememory of our mind could be defaced the life of its perfection. that's the largess of our god. you never excogitate ofwhatlifewhich it should be. God s ...
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Share Concierge
peakwang79 2014-11-17 10:23
Everyone whoseis not a god hasa hisnick. Sometime, a whimsical mind stochastically interrupts one's normally processing of his procedured head. But how to exorcises the egregiouswhim, which blockadesthe synergetic working procedure of our clearly head,expurgating the mite of our wrong mindset and deseamingthe cortex of our brain. When Concierge made a mistake ofhis occupation, withhis truely heart,importuninghis boss to giv ...
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Share Concierge
peakwang79 2014-11-16 16:22
Concierge who is working at municipal power supply company. Camaraderie of working relationship is importantsop for his mitigantworkingpressure. Usually, lots of work sheets alwaysdeep him into scrimmage of long hours work. It seems like the disarry of working environment where he behoovely fited in. Long hours working time which it wasn't disheveled for his logical head. Interruption of Power Substation isa phenomenon of havoc, which the circumstance o ...
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