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Assistance to Tibet

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Proactively response to the development of national strategic planning in western region. To become a participant, contributor, and torchbearer in this sweeping momentous sustainable movement. We the common life that should have our limited life to the cause of unlimited serving for the people which is the most precious purpose.

21 October 2018, An important and significant day in my life, which I have a great honor and opportunity to assistance to Tibet . Before stepping onto the ground of Tibet, I have a little knowledge about it, only heard by its mystery and beauty, snowed plateau scenery has been eliciting and conquering by browsers and challengers one after another who come from all around the world and its exclusively brings the altitude sickness in the plateau. But, With a view to realizing the Chinese dream through which a common communist has ones staunchly faith by his brave and hard work. With a view to practicing the spirit of Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind to echo our General Secretary Xi jingpings wish. With a view to enhancing the power grids infrastructure capacity of Tibet and boosting various work management level in local power supply company. To deliver on above, with firm resolve in practicing my personal value, none of them can prohibit my voluntary heart to assistance to Tibet. As a professional worker in our State Grid Henan Province, I have a great honor to be one of more than 300 members,who came from State Grid all around China that fulfilling our duty in State Grid 2018-2019 Assistance to Tibet.

High altitude wasteland, yearly snow covered mountain , living forbidden area, etc.,which is bound to retarding its economic development. So, Tibet Autonomous Region also has its typical poverty feature and history characteristic in the west of China. and cant be catch up with other inland developing region in China.  As a historically and fundamentally poverty striking place, where its unique feature is mainly endued by its exceptional geographical position and environment characteristic in west region. So, with vision of making development west-centered has been acted on, a whole raft of initiatives to benefit the west region, especially,such as Tibet Autonomous Region has seen implementation. As we all know that power grid is of important basic infrastructure of regional economic development. To propelling the modernization level of main power grid and upgrading the rural area power supply network in Tibet has to bracing up the regional development quickly.

Our mission is to fulfill our duty and obligation in assistance to improving regional power grid and enhancing their technical skill and knowledge and stepping up their professional management level of local power grid company.

 As an assistance cadre to the Tibet in our State  Power Grid, I have been designated to Cha Yu county of Tibet Autonomous Region. When I came to there with my colleague, I deeply felt sickness with altitude, altitude stress made me uncomfortable and sick. eventually, I had been fall into the hospital. With one week treatment, I had full blood recovered.

Cha Yu county of Tibet autonomous region, which has a population of more than 30,000 in 2018. It has 3 country and 3 town, 96 administrative village. But There are still 32 village,1 country which has no electricity used until now. Our designated assistance unit is Cha Yu power supply company Ltd. ,Which has been a  non-directed supervised by the State Power Grid of Tibet Autonomous Region. It has 54 members in company now. The whole electricity coverage are 3,967 household. And Total electricity coverage is more than 23,000 persons in 2018. It has 1 110kV transform substation, 5 35kV transform substation, total transform capacity are 1.63MW; 2 110kV transmission lines, total length are  168.7km, 5 35kV transmission lines, total length are 211.5km; 17 10kV distribution lines, total length are 211.2km; 9 hydro power plants, total generator capacity are 4,590kw; more than 1400kwh were sold on the grid in 2018.

Cha Yu Power Grid was an isolated grid when I got there. I found that Power interruption was frequently happened at here even if there are so many small-scale hydro power plants(approximately 21) everywhere in Cha Yu county of Tibet autonomous region which is contributed by its abundant water resources . Cha Yu has a great rich of water resources but was constantly plagued with crises in power supply, the capacity of power transmission. Why is that?

The main problems are as follows:

1. From the geographical perspective see that Cha Yu is an destination impasse of Lin Zhi municipality of southeast Tibet Autonomous Region near the India and Myanmar. The very long lean and unitary transportation road obstructs the whole local economic development although It has a name : little the lower reaches of the Changjiang River in Tibet.

2. From the historical power grid construction perspective see that The very first so-called power grid has been emerged in 2017 which was invested by South Grid and constructed by under-standard local Water Conservancy Department. Before that, local power supply has been produced mainly by some small-scale hydro power plants to satisfying local residents daily lives. The whole Cha Yu county has a population of more than 30,000, and sparsely allocated here and there. Due to the local residents ,one or two village which maybe has totally a population of less than 20 by their traditional nomadic life whom live far from the allocated power that beyond the electric power energy radiating precinct capacity. So, Power grid construction is essentially difficulty in the local area. Cha Yus per capita possession of electricity is far below the normal average, but in the future ,from the local economic development pace picked up, the rapid growing demand of power energy resources contributes to the great pressure of local power grid.

3. From the whole Cha Yu county power grid perspective see that Cha Yu electricity & power grid has been no appropriate holistic power grid schematized scale planning, which is why I have been here later to focus on drawing up Cha Yu Power Grid of Fourteenth Five-Year Plan to clarifying and establishing the whole power grid map of Cha Yu according to national power grid development planning.      

4. From the social and ethnic perspective see that many local residents or ethnic have no knowledge about electricity usage safely. Violating normal procedure , unsecured use electricity and recklessly and outrageously disrupt the transmission or distribution line also caused power disconnection frequently happened.

5. From 90% power transmission and distribution lines covered by the forest perspective see that an important factor causing the local power grid interruption is mainly because 90% power lines get through the thick forest that definitely contributes to power line interrupted by occasional forested line fault or accident conducive to blackout.

6. From precedent power grid constructed by Water Conservancy Department which the whole power equipment and pylon or adopted power lines were all under power grid construction national standard. Equipment fault rate reaches high and power lines cannot bear up the residents needed power energy transmission. Adopted backward equipment cannot match up the latest power grid development technology, leave no space to upgrading later acquirement in technology.  

How to resolve above 6 prominent problems in Cha Yu county is our enterprise and individual should shoulder the responsibility for this and take immediate action to deal with them. To facilitating the power grid infrastructure construction speed and accelerating its capacity to strong enough are our currently essential task. To push forward the development of Cha Yu power grid and drawing up local area Fourteenth Five-Year Planning in power grid construction illustrate national strategy and performance on Tibet.

Through more than half years focused assistance here, the achievement of my profession has touched every corner:

1. found out weakness and problems in profession of company , taking tough steps to forstall and defuses major risks, drawing up and carrying out targeted assistance scenario.

2. broken new ground, establishing various institution of enterprise, doing work within the institutional frame, deepening personnel consciousness of State Power Grid enterprise culture .

3.  pushed out a list of measures intensifying work method, promoting work efficiency, giving full play to personnel capacity proactively.

4.  adopted a raft of inland State Power Grid standards and regulations, enhancing tech and skill of personnel capability, ensuring various works can be implemented accordingly.

5.   launched a host of major experienced method, steering the right direction in professional management, stepping up professional management level in a big stride.

6.   pushed ahead with some major tasks ,accelerating local power grid construction and development, securing local power network reliability and security. Seamlessly integrated with State Power Grid standard.

7.   solved some tough problems that were long on awaited list but never resolved.

8.   accomplished some things that were wanted but never got done.

Electricity uncovered headcount ratio has dropped from 33.2% to 26.1%. Cha Yu power grid sounded operation reliability has promoted from 68% to 98% which from original isolated operation to connection with main grid operation in 26 May, 2019.  Cha Yu power grid has been historically transitioning from a phase of isolated grid to a stage of connection with main grid. This is a pivotal stage for local power grid company to transforming its model, improving its grid structure, and fostering new load growth. With this, never overstate, I have preliminary prompted historic shifts in some professional area. The changes will have a powerful impact and far-reaching effect on the Cha Yu Power Supply Company development in the coming days.  

But I have to be alert and clear that there are still many inadequacies in my work and many difficulties and challenges to face:

1. Some prominent and acute problems bequeathed by local historical factors interfering our work await solutions;

2. The upcoming important national construction item: three districts and three states power grid construction and implementation in Cha Yu will be given top priority to pushing forward smoothly.

3. How to address the rest of electricity uncovered household and how to secure the current fragile situation and promoting its reliability, security, efficiency in the future, and reflecting a notable shortage of electricity questions are our urgent and prominent task.
    4. The skill capability qualified of our personnel in department should be strengthened to ensuring they can compliance with State Power Grid standard and tackle the erupted various problems and executed orderly according to State Power Grid future development.  

5.Poverty alleviation remains a formidable task in Cha Yu, although it has been lifted out of the poverty list stipulated by the county government. There are still a large disparities in power load between town and country that needs to be further improvement. Unbalanced development area elicits power load unbalance, this problem also influence the power grid development. here , we have a long way to go.

These are problems that demand our full attention to resolve. We must devoted our serious energy to address it in a comprehensive, multilevel, multifaceted way and underpins our work with the local government and residents to deepen exchange and cooperation ,and creating a favorable external environment for power grid development in local area. Changes has been profound and fundamental. We are also voicing our call to the local government and public for better consensus and with concerted efforts to strengthen our power grid construction and operation, which in turn will reward us with a better future.

We must keep piloting and intensifying secured electricity usage dissemination and education, resolved address deep-rooted problems hindering power grid healthy development. Currently, developing renewable energy and clean energy techniques is the core of the worlds energy reform. Clean energy like hydro power integrate it into our large power grid is an optimal way to develop the local power grid and economy. Cha Yu has an affluent of water resources naturally in its privilege area. Continually and Fully demonstrate the local hydro power plants generating capacity, offer an opportunity for the development of small-scale renewable energy, raise the utilization efficiency of electricity on the users side, meet peoples ever-growing needs for a better and reliable life.

 Assistance to Tibet. The mission is a call to action, The mission is a call to fight, The mission is a call to give up, The mission is a call to contribute, The mission is a call to sacrifice.

We must fully appreciate the long-term, complex, and onerous nature of this sacred mission. No matter what your profession, No matter what your age, No matter where you come from, only with tenacity and braveness can countless dedicated volunteers to fight in this Snowed plateau area, pressed ahead against the odds, conquering countless challenges, making enormous sacrifices, meeting setbacks squarely, and courageously toward their destination.

We must shoulder the historic mission of national rejuvenation in pursuing this goal, Let us through sweeping efforts to keep in alignment with the vision of State Power Grid development to constructing green, large and strong grid in Tibet. Let us through unconquerable braveness to  contributing our energy of assistance to Tibet. Let us through arduous struggles to epic accomplishments for our country.  

                                       Wang Feng

                                     Henan Shangqiu


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Reply Report JimSlip 2019-8-16 23:16
It is obvious you use a translating machine to do the working, this is a report of your work written to your boss. But it is OK because after that you will get promotion in ranking and salary, that is for sure. I am often puzzled why people have to live in that area and that they can live elsewhere.

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  • It 's not an incidental problem. 2019-8-25 17:21

    Your topic is serious and sensitive on politics. I think the external elements (from abroad) should be responsible for the crisis which may have existed for a long time! It is common knowledge that in the globe-village not all people are kind-hearted:A small group of evil men always enjoy making troubles for others! As Chairman Mao taught  us:‘We should never forget class-struggling in any case!’
    I wish the situation will improve by itself! Our government have enough wisdom  to deal with kinds of complicated matters!

  • Assistance to Tibet 2019-8-16 23:16

    It is obvious you use a translating machine to do the working, this is a report of your work written to your boss. But it is OK because after that you will get promotion in ranking and salary, that is for sure. I am often puzzled why people have to live in that area and that they can live elsewhere.

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