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Tomorrow, a pray of chinese

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Tomorrow, A knell of nirvana is to coming for bereavement of Chinese. It's untoward for the people whose had lost their families. It must be a whole forlorn day of whine which brims with invocation of renascence for their people of kinship. It's a apposite sacrament for Chinese people whose are going to attend this obsequy. And It's also a busy day for mortician who are to making more money in their plied oblation and relative activities of mausoleum. Tomorrow, I'm going to prey for my pasted father. When my father was gone,  i was told by Mom that you were inured in this occasion of solemnity of our customary mores. Necropolis, where is a placid and halcyon place for the pasted people. and it fulls of aspiration and foreknowledge which we could set off our loitered heart in this checkered world. There's no unfounded appparition whereas nothing but a elysium in this sepulchral scene. We are tottering in the mercuirial society with our faith of vagary.

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  • It 's not an incidental problem. 2019-8-25 17:21

    Your topic is serious and sensitive on politics. I think the external elements (from abroad) should be responsible for the crisis which may have existed for a long time! It is common knowledge that in the globe-village not all people are kind-hearted:A small group of evil men always enjoy making troubles for others! As Chairman Mao taught  us:‘We should never forget class-struggling in any case!’
    I wish the situation will improve by itself! Our government have enough wisdom  to deal with kinds of complicated matters!

  • Assistance to Tibet 2019-8-16 23:16

    It is obvious you use a translating machine to do the working, this is a report of your work written to your boss. But it is OK because after that you will get promotion in ranking and salary, that is for sure. I am often puzzled why people have to live in that area and that they can live elsewhere.

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