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Share Media strengthening Chinese Lifestyle
2015-6-25 15:13
Media is the pioneer and the powerful invention of 21st century. Chinese authority has recently released a ‘China New media development report 2015 which has shed light that media are playing a vital role in changing China’s economic sectors. China is upgrading its life structure sticking on media in daily life. Specially, information sharing, travel, shopping, tourism, education and consumption businesses are almost depending on media. Not only business sectors bu ...
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Share The world at Night
2015-6-24 20:03
Sky is the universal truth and the beauty of sky is our property. Recently, International earth and sky photo contest’ a photography competition attracted some amazing night scenes. The motto of the contest is to shed light the world pollution in light. The world seems amazing at night. Lets enjoy some top photos selected among 1 thousands photos provided by agencies. The Mt. rainier, the Washington city in background Mt.bromo, not smoking ...
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Share Serenity throughout proper diet
2015-6-24 15:27
Serenity throughout proper diet
Strain is the root of many diseases. Mostly headache, hair fall, wrinkle, diabetes, high blood pressure and low blood pressures, cancer, various diseases are caused by strain even your glow of face and charm of life can be grabbed by strain. One can vibrate positive rays toward others with serenity. One calm housewife means whole family can delight with healthy happiness. So, to get rid of strain, diet is crucial. One should consume salutary foods with kindness, sacre ...
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Share China’s determination to protect environment
2015-6-23 19:52
Recently, Chinese government has disseminated one of the crucial plans to strictly preserve huge land of jungle as a mission. The 3 years long plan will be implemented till 2017 as a resolution and the main objectives of the plan is to save greenery and throughout the environment. China is highly criticized because of air pollution in past. Gradually it has determined to resume the best air quality in this nation. China has been pursuing some experiences and experime ...
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Share Advantage of married life
2015-6-23 16:18
Advantage of married life
If you are married or going to marry a good News for you. If you are not going to marry, then try to marry . One research proved that getting married is beneficial for your health. A research suggests that marriage is more beneficial for male then female. If divorced male get remarriage he will delight with positive rays of healthy life. Scientists say married people enjoy a healthy life and longevity than unmarried. Research has done over 9 thousand p ...
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Share Top 16 reasons that yoga is extra
2015-6-22 18:14
We are always persisting for good health as a secret wealth but with the normal errors diseases can attack and ruin our normality and serenity. we always have do exercise, have morning walk, go to fitness centers, have dances, do aerobics, play badminton and so on but the body doesn’t meet our requirements. Those events can improve our health partially but not in complete. This June 21 we observed world yoga day for the first time and many people concerned of yoga b ...
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Share World yoga day in Beijing
2015-6-21 13:43
june 21 is the first world yoga day which is celebrated all over the world with varies yoga activities. The representative of united nations, Indian ambassador for China, many yoga gurus and mare joined the opening ceremony in Beijing University on Sunday. More than dozens yoga campaigns were held in Beijing, one of the yoga opening ceremonies in Beijing was organized by Peking university, Indian Embassy and art of living organ ...
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Share True or false?
2015-6-16 15:55
Some pictures are being viral in social media nowadays because of the dark black child. Some are claiming the child might be a world’s first darkest black. South Africa born the boy is grown up now. The rumors have been spread over that baby was recorded in world Guinness book however the authority has denied it. Comments are deluged in forums that photo is intentionally disseminated to create the color discriminatio ...
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Share How offspring cares about divorced parents?
2015-6-16 08:56
I’ve not any divorced relatives yet. However I have seen/learnt some divorcing cases in China which made me curious as well. Statistics indicate the divorce rate in China is increasing and the real phenomenon in the developed world too. Recently, one of my Chinese friends faced a problem to care about divorced parents. Along with son and husband sometimes she comes to mother’s house but father is far from her residing place. One day, Beijing outskirts living father tele ...
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Share Xi’an- The Wild goose pagoda
2015-6-14 18:33
During my Xi’an visit I witnessed the dayanta pagoda or great wild goose temple. During the tang dynasty (652AD), monk xuanzang visited Indian continent to worship Buddha, collect Sanskrit Buddhist scriptures and buddha sutras. He came back to Xi'an and built this pagoda to preserve the Buddha sutra which is reflected as a famous tourist attraction of Xian. Pagoda is being an ornament of ancient city Xian and many tourists visit the pagoda as an ancient gift from tang dynasty. So ...
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