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Share Memorial Parade Coming soon
2015-8-22 19:48
China is preparing for military parade to commemorate the 70 th anniversary of Japan’s defeat in World War II. Some 10 countries’ troops are going to join the ceremony in September. Meanwhile, it is declared that there will be clean air and blue sky until 3rd September; construction sites and industries will be closed. Some congested places (Sanlitun for parade’s rehearsal) will be less crowded or prohibited for gatherings; Beijing subway lines connected with Tiananmen Squa ...
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Share World athletics Championship kicked off
2015-8-22 19:39
World athletics Championship kicked off
Bird nest stadium where the summer Olympic was inaugurated in 2008 was again cheered up with the international athletics opening ceremony in 22 august 2015 with the theme of fly with dream. Some 1,931 athletes from 207 nations are gathered once again for the world harmonies and dreams. This is the greatest event of biggest teams and athlete number. China is hosting the first international biggest sports event after the Beijing Olympic in 2008. The opening ...
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Share Congratulations Sri Lanka
2015-8-18 19:48
Congratulations Sri Lanka
According to the latest update The United National Party (UNP) of Sri Lanka has won the country’s eighth parliamentary election. The Sri Lanka Freedom Party-led United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA)’ candidate for Prime Minister and the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has conceded defeat. Election seems quite peaceful and fair. Congratulations to the Lankan voters and related all. Incumbent Ranil Wickremesinghe is again the new Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. Congra ...
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Share Care makes us near
2015-8-18 18:13
Care makes us near
‘Thanks for your care!’ one of unknown bloggers offline message blown up my mind. With the rapid development of technologies and hustle bustle lifestyle we are damaging human empathy or missing magnanimity too. Guess, if anybody in our side by praying for a tiny help we may rarely help but with big dilemma. If anyone going to die we may open our mobile to shoot snaps or video rather than raising helping hands. If anybody sends you message on social media, you don't care him or you don' ...
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Share Thunderstorms
2015-8-17 19:21
This is the season of rain, floods and thunderstorms. Many people and animals have left their life while it falls to the earth. You may not imagine that where is the place where mostly thunderstorms fall in the earth? Lake Maracaibo is located in Venezuela which lies a s a connector to the gulf. It is may be a largest lake in South America. Lake Maracaibo is the major shipping route and major profitable source in Venezuelan economy, but moreover ...
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Share Players with golden heart
2015-8-17 10:58
Portugal's Football star Christiano Ronaldo is ranked as the top donor from sports sector. According to an online Real Madrid giant Ronaldo has donated 83 thousand dollar to 10 years old supporter for brain surgery. likewise, he has granted 165 thousand dollar to the cancer center of Portugal. John Cena, an American professional wrestler/rapper and actor remains second as most benevolent player. Likewise, American Serena Will ...
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Share China's Disaster Management Skill
2015-8-16 11:24
China's Disaster Management Skill
With the vast land and huge population China having a big burden to manage the systems in various issues. Moreover China is mostly affected by natural and man-made disasters. Mainly floods, earthquakes, cyclone, landslide, avalanches, rain, storm, hot, cold etc. dozens of natural disasters are to be faced every year. Amid the annoying sorrows China has to drive the world economy too. Recently, Tianjin disasters made a heart wrenching loss to the flourishing nation. There ...
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Share Is Selfie a selfish activity?
2015-8-14 10:15
Is Selfie a selfish activity?
Truly, I am not a great fan of Selfie photography. I occasionally take some selfies just see myself rather than public stunts on social media however sometimes it happens so. We try to be smart while taking a snap; Selfie photography remains close in distance, so we can see our stances; while managing the poses it reflects some artificiality. We artificially smile and laugh; artificially show the victorious signals; deliberately try to be a healthy; wise, happy, heroic etc while shooting ...
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Share China contented with one belt one road economic atmosphere
2015-8-4 20:04
The News about China’s second quarterly 7% GDP has been spreading the debate among economic circle. The 7% growth is totally matched to the reality based and new permanent economic situation, as Chinese experts claim. Amid the debates going on, the next satisfying economic News has been drawing China and the one belt one road related countries. The trade cooperation between China and One belt one road route is being incessantly progressive with positive aspirations. On the half o ...
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Share Village Tourism for Poverty Alleviation
2015-8-4 18:03
Village Tourism for Poverty Alleviation
China’s poverty alleviation and national tourism bureau has jointly announced that the 13th five years plan will target the destitution abolition. Throughout the tourism some 17% population will be upgraded to the better step. Amid the China’s economic development and public purchasing power the consumption system also rapidly growing; so the village tourism is revealing its best symptoms. The last year 2014 data indicates that the entire national tourism ...
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