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Share Boao forum for bright Asia
2014-4-6 19:10
Boao Forum for Asia (BFA ) is going to be held on this April 8-11 at Hainan, china. It was established on 2001 February. This is the forum where economical agendas come to the table and businessman and related representatives discuss on it. This forum mediates Asia and continents to share visions, challenges and opportunities. Philippines, Australia, and Japan’s initiated this Boao Forum is the strong platform of economical enthusiasm and voice of the world. Boa ...
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Share Experience of Chinese Sports-(rouliqiu)
2014-4-6 13:03
(The United Nations general assembly in 2013 proclaimed April 6 as the international day of sports for development and peace. Spots can be the medium for the physical and mental activity to emerge the human society. It has been contributing for healthy human lifestyle and peaceful world as well. I would like to share one sport moment to my dearest all.) In September 2013, I took part on one sports event. About 2 month s training our team was participating on ...
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Share Green China
2014-4-5 18:12
Chinese President xi jin ping participated in compulsory plantation program in Beijing on 4 th April. It was an enthusiastic and attractive participation as the head of state for the public as well. Chinese premier li ke qiang along with top leaders zhang de jiang, yu zheng sheng, liu yun shan, wang qi shan, zhang gao li also joined on this event. it shows china is now more serious on greenery or prevent the environment. According to president xi, china is moving towards ...
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Share Is China–US ties will be improved with US Defense Secretary’s visit?
2014-4-4 19:19
United state’s Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel i s coming to china on his first trip. It is scheduled on April 7 as his first visit to china after taking the office last year in February. It is to be expected that the relation between china and US will be upgraded amid the complicated cyber espionage issues. Ahead of his arrival he expressed that relation between two nations will be cordial to solve the inter-related problems. What his opinion shows ...
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Share Cheers up china!-(Poem)
2014-4-4 16:55
( Register date is 2014-03-04, then today I completed one month journey with you. It’s my pleasure to be here with various friends with different views about china. Thanks to china daily to provide such a colorful forum. Today I will dedicate a poem which is first time I wrote in English. It might be ridiculous to you but you are free to edit and modify it. Thank you. Have a nice journey ahead !) Cheers up china! Boundless supernatural power of composition ...
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Share Feelings with慢走(Go slowly)
2014-4-3 17:27
As I have read such type of articles in this forum before. Nowadays many friends are writing articles in this way. it makes fun and romantic staying in china. Some articles raise new concepts too. About Chinese greetings words, there has been published. I am not sure this type of article published or not? However it can kill your time. There are greetings in every folk life and every country. Greeting shows ones Courtesy and societies Manner. So it is to b ...
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Share Toneless Words
2014-4-2 18:54
It has been two years in china, I started to learn Chinese language myself so the tonality is totally disordered. I cannot imagine that I could refine it again. It creates troublesome in life so as many foreigners faced it. And I also want to share it once to you. In March 2012, first I came to Beijing. i could speak around 10 to 20 words but most of them are incorrect. One day I was walking o ...
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Share China to strengthen Internet security
2014-4-1 10:55
China will strengthen its internet security in response to recent reports that the U.S. government spied on a major telecommunications firm, the Defence Ministry of china said on Thursday. Reports that the U.S. National Security Agency infiltrated servers at the headquarters of Huawei Technologies Co. "lay bare the United States's hypocrisy and despotic rule," ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng told a briefing. "For a while now, some Americans have jabbered on and on, co ...
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Share Fool in Chinese hospital
2014-3-31 19:57
(Dear friends! Happy April fool, On this auspicious day, I want to share a real story which was happened in my friend life because of Chinese language). That was one painful moment because my friend was facing some sensitive health problem. He was already here in Beijing and could speak Chinese as good as his knowledge though he was also not perfect and I was to say zero. Once he requested me to go hospital. It was my responsibility to give company ...
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Share Tibet celebrates day of serf’s emancipation
2014-3-29 19:32
Tibetan celebrated this 28th march as the day of serf’s emancipation. 2009 Jan 19 china declared to mark the march 28 as the day of emancipation. They inspired and encouraged to live happy life and bright future of Tibet. 55 years ago it was declared that 1 million of serfs are freed which had been secured 95 in percentage. Tibet has proved it that Unity and stability is most important element for development. China conducts political stability, social ha ...
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