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Share Optimum Moral (religious) Stream
2015-9-6 19:33
Optimum Moral (religious) Stream
-‘Once upon I’d earned a lot of money from my business but some years later I lost a big amount, was that as punishment of impurity?’’ -One of my classmates got cancer; she went hospital without any hope but faiths gave her new life. Was it reward from god? -‘Can I turn to religious after all uncountable lies? Or could god revenge of my misdeeds? Couples of days ago my Chinese Au ...
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Share RIP: Worlds Shortest Man :(
2015-9-5 09:13
RIP: Worlds Shortest Man :(
The worlds shortest man with a height of 54.6 cm, Chandra Bahadur Dangi, 76 passed away on Friday In the USA. the Midwestern part of Nepal resident Dangi passed away during the treatment in Lyondn B Johnson Tropical Medical Center in United States. He was suffering from pneumonia. He had two Guinness world records – Worlds shortest living man and the worlds shortest person ever recorded. He was awarded those titles on February 26,2012. RIP! ( ...
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Share Care makes us near
2015-8-18 18:13
Care makes us near
‘Thanks for your care!’ one of unknown bloggers offline message blown up my mind. With the rapid development of technologies and hustle bustle lifestyle we are damaging human empathy or missing magnanimity too. Guess, if anybody in our side by praying for a tiny help we may rarely help but with big dilemma. If anyone going to die we may open our mobile to shoot snaps or video rather than raising helping hands. If anybody sends you message on social media, you don't care him or you don' ...
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Share China's Disaster Management Skill
2015-8-16 11:24
China's Disaster Management Skill
With the vast land and huge population China having a big burden to manage the systems in various issues. Moreover China is mostly affected by natural and man-made disasters. Mainly floods, earthquakes, cyclone, landslide, avalanches, rain, storm, hot, cold etc. dozens of natural disasters are to be faced every year. Amid the annoying sorrows China has to drive the world economy too. Recently, Tianjin disasters made a heart wrenching loss to the flourishing nation. There ...
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Share Hello Friends!
2015-7-29 16:57
Hello Friends!
A Couple of weeks back one of my country mates arrived in China, visited Shanghai, Shanxi, Chengdu and Beijing with the warmth welcome by his Chinese friends. Without any big financial burden he visited all those places just for enjoyment and renew the long-standing friendship. When I heard about his generous Chinese friends I got envious, moreover he decoded friendship network all over the Chinese provinces and regions then how could I live without being jealous? How do pe ...
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Share How to live 100 years?
2015-7-22 18:22
How to live 100 years?
As ancient pundits have preached that human natural life is about 100 years long. Except some unexpected deadly accidents, ancient people used to live about 100 years but now the life proportion is decreased; about ‘60 years is being a measure for life expectancy. While 60, people suffer from diseases and cann’t wait for the rest of the years. According to some legends human being is granted 100 years long life by the nature however many mythologies might have different logics about it ...
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Share Think before you Laugh
2015-7-18 17:48
Think before you Laugh
Nobody is perfect, may we have some flaws either that is mentally or physically however we deserve dignity, self respect and values of humanity. the real phenomena is that backbiting about others physical anatomy and laughing at them is common around us. They are the same human possessed a heart as others though physically disabled or strange body figure. we human have the equal right to live in this earth either ugly or beauty but hidden resist veins in us are not ...
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