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Share The Smartphone - Indispensable to Life in China
2017-6-15 13:39
I would add as a foreigner here in China that, of course, the smartphone is almost indispensable in western countries too, but there are some differences. One basic aspect is that westerners tend to see the make and model of phone as a key aspect - the battery life, the memory, the camera quality for sharing in global websites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest,etc.(we know the issues in the PRC). In China, increasingly it is a key App called WeChat that is most impor ...
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Share 8 Reasons Why I love China
2017-5-12 21:11
Inspired by a recent WeChat re-issue of Michael Murphy's October 2015 Blog "7 Reasons I love China", I decided to post my own - after all that time I thought of eight :-) Actually some reasons I agree with but others are different - we are not all alike. 1) Chinese People - I too put this first after meeting so many wonderful people here since my first visit it 2003. Chinese true friends believe in long term relationships (rather like in business here). I have had the privilege of living ...
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Share Understanding China - protests
2015-6-7 01:53
This is first in a series of posts about aspects of China that might interest recent foreign arrivals. The concept of protest is very familiar to westerners. In the USA, we can think of Occupy Wall Street and the protests against police shooting of an unarmed black American. In Paris, the protests Je Suis Charlie - support for Freedom of Speech - world leaders joined in the march. Although some protests are against an aspect of government policy - many in UK marched to protest the country's invo ...
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Share Valetine's Day Case Study
2015-2-15 11:41
Here is my Valentine's Day reflection on it all and maybe it will inspire others to post. The Western Valentine's Day being celebrated in China is one of those examples where there is a little controversy. Should western festivals be imported into China? Are we over globalizing? Especially, this can be asked where China has its own lovers' Day - the famous 7/7 with its own story. Hey but look, I am western and in China - it is good that I can celebrate Feb 14 here. It is a bit like New Year, C ...
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Share Our Future - Climate from WEF Davos
2015-1-22 14:45
I cannot be at the World Economic Forum (WEF) this week in Davos - but thanks to technology it is possible to watch events as they unfold. There is a time difference with China so events are best watched later when China re-awakes. Today I spent an hour linked to Davos to watch former US Vice-President and environment guru, Al Gore make a marvelous presentation about the recent data on climate change worries and, encouragingly, good news on what the world is doing to counter it ...
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Share Study in USA - you are not alone!
2014-8-5 15:14
We know that more and more Chinese students are going to the USA for undergraduate study. While this can be exciting, it can also be scary .. How to settle into a new country and a new university campus?.. Will Chinese students fit in? Will they be lonely? Well, times have changed and this is well-illustrated by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Eight years ago a Chinese undergraduate student arriving there would find themselves to be one among 20 students from the PRC joining the ...
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Share What makes a blog BLOG?
2014-7-31 15:43
I am indebted to fellow blogger SEARU for this suggestion as a topic after his response to What Makes Tianjin TIANJIN? a post by Chris. SEARU likes hot topic posts and hot questions. My first comment is that the BBS plays this role and many hot comments - some perhaps too aggressive? The Blog is what in English we call: a broad church.. Able to accept many themes. We have the data visibly published on most read and most commented upon. That should tell us all what readers like and do not have mu ...
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Share Inspiration for Bloggers
2014-7-15 08:07
So, the first month of the 2nd China Daily Expat Bloggers Contest is underway. There is still time for those not involved or starting slowly to post the necessary minimum of 4 posts this month. and for August and September. Some folks are known for posting a lot more! After recovering from the World Cup, I have a few posts in the works. The make your city famous posts produced a lot of beautiful photos of interesting places, but I did not see a detailed one on my 3rd favorite China City ...
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Share My Birthday - No laowai in sight
2014-7-1 19:53
Yes, Monday June 30 was my birthday! I declare this in my profile. It reminded me that the first time I celebrated a birthday in China was in June 2007 - during a summer program at Nanjing University. So that day I bought the June 30 copy of China Daily and had some friends/colleagues including Liang sign it! A nice and inexpensive souvenir! I did KTV and massage to celebrate back then. KTV in Nanjing days. Message! This is supposed to be good for you! I was back i ...
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Share Foreigners seeking work in China - think hard
2014-6-24 13:16
I put the following on the BBS - I will add more in another post. I start by repeating a message I posted in March. China has changed and the days when a foreigner who would be a poor candidate for a job in the west magically becomes a good candidate for a job in China are over! I know this from placing my interns even though in part-time unpaid positions. There is a lot of competition out there and I believe that by next year cumulatively around 10 million Chinese graduates will be seeking jobs ...
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